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Shocking Bank Secret of the Ultra-Rich (ad)
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A 229-year-old banking secret is behind some of the wealthiest, most powerful dynasties in American history –  here's how it could help you in 2024.

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A sudden and dramatic change is coming to US bank accounts. (ad)
image for A sudden and dramatic change is coming to US bank accounts.
The financial elite (and US government) has a major change planned. It could strange new changes applied to your bank, overnight.

Here's what the elite have planned for your money.

U.S. Insider Buying for Friday, February 23
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
ADC Agree RealtyJoey Agree CEOBuy3,500 shares @ $56.92$199,220.002/21/2024$56.56right arrow
IHT InnSuites Hospitality TrustJames F Wirth CEOBuy878 shares @ $1,231.64$1,081,379.922/16/2024$1.53right arrow
MBUU Malibu BoatsMichael K Hooks InsiderBuy12,500 shares @ $42.82$535,250.002/22/2024$34.48right arrow
TLYS Tilly'sFund 1 Investments, Llc Major ShareholderBuy32,500 shares @ $6.99$227,175.002/21/2024$5.75right arrow
TLYS Tilly'sFund 1 Investments, Llc Major ShareholderBuy24,000 shares @ $7.30$175,200.002/23/2024$5.75right arrow

A lot of people are making this costly mistake (ad)
image for A lot of people are making this costly mistake
You may have heard the saying “options are risky” …

And, they can be. But only if you use them the way a lot of folks do. 

A lot of people think of BUYING speculative options when they talk about options. 

And BUYING low probability, speculative options is definitely risky… 

It’s how some folks leverage large sums of money hoping that a stock moves in the “right” direction over a certain period of time.

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U.S. Insider Selling for Friday, February 23
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
ABBV AbbVieAzita Saleki-Gerhardt EVPSell52,870 shares @ $173.71$9,184,047.702/21/2024$166.41right arrow
ADP Automatic Data ProcessingJoseph Desilva VPSell1,904 shares @ $255.00$485,520.002/22/2024$243.31right arrow
AFL AflacArthur Reginald Collins DirectorSell3,000 shares @ $79.73$239,190.002/22/2024$83.23right arrow
AL Air LeaseCarol Hyland Forsyte EVPSell3,046 shares @ $40.02$121,900.922/22/2024$49.03right arrow
AL Air LeaseJohn L Plueger CEOSell19,095 shares @ $40.27$768,955.652/21/2024$49.03right arrow
AL Air LeaseJohn L Plueger CEOSell28,515 shares @ $40.06$1,142,310.902/23/2024$49.03right arrow
AMWL American WellKurt Knight COOSell283,079 shares @ $1.09$308,556.112/23/2024$0.55right arrow
AMWL American WellVukasin Paunovich EVPSell251,323 shares @ $1.09$273,942.072/23/2024$0.55right arrow
AMWL American WellKathy Johnson Weiler InsiderSell283,192 shares @ $1.09$308,679.282/23/2024$0.55right arrow
AMWL American WellRobert Shepardson CFOSell319,214 shares @ $1.09$347,943.262/23/2024$0.55right arrow
AMZN Amazon.comDavid Zapolsky SVPSell10,920 shares @ $169.21$1,847,773.202/21/2024$174.63right arrow
AMZN Amazon.comShelley Reynolds VPSell3,100 shares @ $168.97$523,807.002/21/2024$174.63right arrow
AMZN Amazon.comAndrew R Jassy CEOSell22,048 shares @ $168.79$3,721,481.922/21/2024$174.63right arrow
AMZN Amazon.comBrian T Olsavsky CFOSell16,800 shares @ $168.97$2,838,696.002/21/2024$174.63right arrow
APPN AppianAbdiel Capital Advisors, Lp Major ShareholderSell400,000 shares @ $32.44$12,976,000.002/21/2024$34.55right arrow
BANF BancFirstKevin Lawrence EVPSell7,312 shares @ $88.00$643,456.002/23/2024$89.28right arrow
BCPC BalchemMichael Robert Sestrick SVPSell11,100 shares @ $153.21$1,700,631.002/21/2024$143.48right arrow
BCPC BalchemTheodore L Harris CEOSell34,350 shares @ $154.29$5,299,861.502/22/2024$143.48right arrow
BCPC BalchemWilliam A Backus CAOSell15,000 shares @ $154.73$2,320,950.002/21/2024$143.48right arrow
BLK BlackRockRachel Lord DirectorSell36,059 shares @ $818.06$29,498,425.542/23/2024$749.98right arrow
BLZE BackblazeGleb Budman CEOSell50,000 shares @ $10.66$533,000.002/22/2024$9.18right arrow
BTU Peabody EnergyMark Spurbeck CFOSell6,826 shares @ $24.57$167,714.822/23/2024$24.08right arrow
CBRE CBRE GroupJohn E Durburg CEOSell25,000 shares @ $92.20$2,305,000.002/22/2024$84.90right arrow
CBU Community Bank SystemMark J Bolus DirectorSell3,631 shares @ $45.00$163,395.002/21/2024$44.50right arrow
CFLT ConfluentRohan Sivaram CFOSell7,234 shares @ $32.15$232,573.102/21/2024$26.89right arrow
CFLT ConfluentYing Christina Liu CAOSell4,109 shares @ $32.15$132,104.352/21/2024$26.89right arrow
CFLT ConfluentChad Verbowski CTOSell5,963 shares @ $32.15$191,710.452/21/2024$26.89right arrow
CMPR CimpressMaarten Wensveen EVPSell1,651 shares @ $90.00$148,590.002/22/2024$87.10right arrow
CRCT CricutAbdiel Capital Management, Llc Major ShareholderSell1,000,000 shares @ $4.83$4,830,000.002/21/2024$5.27right arrow
CRL Charles River Laboratories InternationalWilliam D Barbo VPSell4,050 shares @ $248.50$1,006,425.002/22/2024$226.78right arrow
CRM SalesforceBrian Millham COOSell14,517 shares @ $292.50$4,246,222.502/22/2024$270.37right arrow
CROX CrocsIan Bickley DirectorSell3,215 shares @ $118.57$381,202.552/23/2024$120.54right arrow
CROX CrocsDaniel P Hart EVPSell10,000 shares @ $118.48$1,184,800.002/23/2024$120.54right arrow
CRVL CorVelV Gordon Clemons ChairmanSell1,000 shares @ $264.00$264,000.002/21/2024$234.36right arrow
CVLG Covenant Logistics GroupSamuel F Hough EVPSell4,000 shares @ $51.55$206,200.002/21/2024$44.71right arrow
DECK Deckers OutdoorBonita C Stewart DirectorSell3,500 shares @ $871.11$3,048,885.002/22/2024$800.38right arrow
DECK Deckers OutdoorLauri M Shanahan DirectorSell3,672 shares @ $832.22$3,055,911.842/6/2024$800.38right arrow
DGX Quest DiagnosticsVicky B Gregg DirectorSell2,500 shares @ $126.64$316,600.002/23/2024$128.44right arrow
DGX Quest DiagnosticsCatherine T Doherty EVPSell821 shares @ $126.14$103,560.942/22/2024$128.44right arrow
DINO HF SinclairValerie Pompa EVPSell7,000 shares @ $57.53$402,710.002/23/2024$56.85right arrow
DKNG DraftKingsJason Robins InsiderSell200,000 shares @ $40.89$8,178,000.002/21/2024$40.68right arrow
DVA DaVitaMichael David Staffieri COOSell29,488 shares @ $119.81$3,532,957.282/21/2024$127.82right arrow
DVA DaVitaKathleen Alyce Waters InsiderSell11,285 shares @ $120.73$1,362,438.052/21/2024$127.82right arrow
DYN Dyne TherapeuticsJason P Rhodes DirectorSell119,360 shares @ $22.66$2,704,697.602/22/2024$23.86right arrow
DYN Dyne TherapeuticsVenture Fund Xi L.P. Atlas Major ShareholderSell184,501 shares @ $22.57$4,164,187.572/21/2024$23.86right arrow
DYN Dyne TherapeuticsVenture Fund Xi L.P. Atlas Major ShareholderSell159,542 shares @ $22.70$3,621,603.402/23/2024$23.86right arrow
EDR Endeavor GroupJason Lublin CFOSell46,419 shares @ $24.08$1,117,769.522/22/2024$26.50right arrow
EDR Endeavor GroupMark S Shapiro InsiderSell70,600 shares @ $24.08$1,700,048.002/22/2024$26.50right arrow
EDR Endeavor GroupSeth D Krauss CAOSell17,950 shares @ $24.08$432,236.002/22/2024$26.50right arrow
EOLS EvolusDavid Moatazedi InsiderSell7,706 shares @ $13.08$100,794.482/22/2024$11.53right arrow
EQH EquitableCharles G.T. Stonehill DirectorSell5,000 shares @ $34.02$170,100.002/21/2024$36.56right arrow
FCFS FirstCashDouglas Richard Rippel DirectorSell23,236 shares @ $117.93$2,740,221.482/22/2024$130.41right arrow
FLEX FlexRebecca Sidelinger InsiderSell13,675 shares @ $27.99$382,763.252/23/2024$27.07right arrow
GNK Genco Shipping & TradingJesper Christensen InsiderSell12,404 shares @ $19.80$245,599.202/23/2024$20.55right arrow
GNK Genco Shipping & TradingPeter George Allen CFOSell7,036 shares @ $19.80$139,312.802/23/2024$20.55right arrow
GNK Genco Shipping & TradingJoseph Adamo CAOSell6,000 shares @ $19.87$119,220.002/23/2024$20.55right arrow
GNK Genco Shipping & TradingJohn C Wobensmith CEOSell35,660 shares @ $19.80$706,068.002/23/2024$20.55right arrow
GTX Garrett MotionCyrus Capital Partners, L.P. Major ShareholderSell200,000 shares @ $9.35$1,870,000.002/22/2024$9.35right arrow
HII Huntington Ingalls IndustriesD R Wyatt VPSell500 shares @ $288.56$144,280.002/21/2024$271.66right arrow
HOOD Robinhood MarketsBaiju Bhatt InsiderSell188,077 shares @ $13.57$2,552,204.892/21/2024$16.63right arrow
HRB H&R BlockJeffrey J Jones II CEOSell85,921 shares @ $49.21$4,228,172.412/23/2024$46.84right arrow
IBKR Interactive Brokers GroupEarl H Nemser Vice ChairmanSell5,000 shares @ $104.86$524,300.002/21/2024$111.55right arrow
ICE Intercontinental ExchangeJeffrey C Sprecher CEOSell48,166 shares @ $136.35$6,567,434.102/21/2024$131.21right arrow
IMVT ImmunovantEva Renee Barnett CFOSell2,930 shares @ $36.15$105,919.502/22/2024$28.22right arrow
INTA IntappMichele Murgel InsiderSell4,860 shares @ $40.27$195,712.202/21/2024$30.76right arrow
INTA IntappJohn T Hall CEOSell30,344 shares @ $40.27$1,221,952.882/21/2024$30.76right arrow
JBHT J.B. Hunt Transport ServicesAlfred C Harper InsiderSell6,500 shares @ $212.71$1,382,615.002/23/2024$167.30right arrow
JBHT J.B. Hunt Transport ServicesEric Mcgee EVPSell3,800 shares @ $212.56$807,728.002/23/2024$167.30right arrow
KEX KirbyRichard Ross Stewart DirectorSell3,000 shares @ $85.62$256,860.002/22/2024$95.81right arrow
LUNR Intuitive MachinesGuy Shanon Major ShareholderSell123,717 shares @ $8.99$1,112,215.832/22/2024$5.20right arrow
MAR Marriott InternationalAnthony Capuano CEOSell20,000 shares @ $248.48$4,969,600.002/22/2024$236.00right arrow
MC Moelis & CompanyNavid Mahmoodzadegan InsiderSell10,402 shares @ $54.92$571,277.842/22/2024$51.65right arrow
MC Moelis & CompanyJoseph Simon CFOSell8,149 shares @ $52.60$428,637.402/21/2024$51.65right arrow
MC Moelis & CompanyKenneth Moelis CEOSell128,277 shares @ $52.60$6,747,370.202/21/2024$51.65right arrow
MC Moelis & CompanyEric Cantor Vice ChairmanSell17,857 shares @ $52.60$939,278.202/21/2024$51.65right arrow
MC Moelis & CompanyOsamu R Watanabe General CounselSell7,685 shares @ $52.60$404,231.002/21/2024$51.65right arrow
MC Moelis & CompanyOsamu R Watanabe General CounselSell5,869 shares @ $54.38$319,156.222/23/2024$51.65right arrow
MC Moelis & CompanyCiafone Katherine Pilcher COOSell4,798 shares @ $52.60$252,374.802/21/2024$51.65right arrow
MDT MedtronicSean Salmon EVPSell30,695 shares @ $85.13$2,613,065.352/21/2024$79.48right arrow
MORN MorningstarJoseph D Mansueto ChairmanSell3,748 shares @ $272.65$1,021,892.202/21/2024$297.96right arrow
MPWR Monolithic Power SystemsKuo Wei Herbert Chang DirectorSell250 shares @ $750.00$187,500.002/22/2024$591.52right arrow
MU Micron TechnologySanjay Mehrotra CEOSell7,000 shares @ $80.44$563,080.002/21/2024$106.77right arrow
NET CloudflareMatthew Prince CEOSell52,384 shares @ $94.59$4,955,002.562/21/2024$84.10right arrow
NET CloudflareMatthew Prince CEOSell52,384 shares @ $98.75$5,172,920.002/23/2024$84.10right arrow
NSIT Insight EnterprisesRachael Ann Bertrandt Crump CAOSell1,850 shares @ $182.67$337,939.502/22/2024$182.58right arrow
NTRS Northern TrustSteven L Fradkin InsiderSell30,392 shares @ $80.11$2,434,703.122/22/2024$81.45right arrow
NYT New York TimesDiane Brayton EVPSell7,000 shares @ $42.84$299,880.002/22/2024$42.60right arrow
OLN OlinScott Mcdougald Sutton CEOSell15,000 shares @ $52.50$787,500.002/22/2024$53.59right arrow
ORLY O'Reilly AutomotiveDavid E Oreilly ChairmanSell2,606 shares @ $1,045.10$2,723,530.602/21/2024$1,090.94right arrow
OTIS Otis WorldwideMontlivault Stephane De InsiderSell18,393 shares @ $91.10$1,675,602.302/21/2024$95.11right arrow
PCOR Procore TechnologiesElisa Steele DirectorSell9,270 shares @ $74.01$686,072.702/21/2024$70.29right arrow
PGR ProgressivePatrick K Callahan InsiderSell29,675 shares @ $190.26$5,645,965.502/21/2024$214.69right arrow
PR Permian ResourcesBrent P Jensen CAOSell84,554 shares @ $14.96$1,264,927.842/22/2024$17.08right arrow
RBC RBC BearingsDaniel A Bergeron COOSell15,000 shares @ $267.22$4,008,300.002/21/2024$244.86right arrow
RMD ResMedPeter C Farrell DirectorSell10,935 shares @ $182.66$1,997,387.102/22/2024$178.85right arrow
ROL RollinsElizabeth B Chandler InsiderSell10,000 shares @ $41.05$410,500.002/21/2024$42.51right arrow
RXRX Recursion PharmaceuticalsTina Marriott COOSell8,000 shares @ $14.89$119,120.002/22/2024$7.35right arrow
SF Stifel FinancialVictor Nesi InsiderSell36,000 shares @ $75.37$2,713,320.002/21/2024$75.31right arrow
SG SweetgreenAdrienne Gemperle InsiderSell12,442 shares @ $11.33$140,967.862/22/2024$20.65right arrow
SHW Sherwin-WilliamsTodd D Rea InsiderSell2,449 shares @ $313.54$767,859.462/21/2024$305.96right arrow
SNA Snap-onAldo John Pagliari CFOSell3,231 shares @ $270.58$874,243.982/23/2024$268.80right arrow
SPIR Spire GlobalPeter Platzer CEOSell12,534 shares @ $11.39$142,762.262/21/2024$9.98right arrow
SPSC SPS CommerceArchie C Black DirectorSell8,723 shares @ $181.56$1,583,747.882/21/2024$165.49right arrow
SQ BlockAmrita Ahuja CFOSell2,581 shares @ $64.30$165,958.302/21/2024$70.42right arrow
SQSP SquarespaceNathan Gooden CFOSell5,129 shares @ $31.85$163,358.652/22/2024$34.49right arrow
TDC TeradataStephen Mcmillan CEOSell40,597 shares @ $38.22$1,551,617.342/22/2024$36.33right arrow
TDG TransDigm GroupSarah Wynne CFOSell5,850 shares @ $1,159.00$6,780,150.002/21/2024$1,187.70right arrow
TEAM AtlassianMichael Cannon-Brookes CEOSell8,241 shares @ $205.80$1,695,997.802/22/2024$191.55right arrow
TNET TriNet GroupWayne B Lowell DirectorSell10,000 shares @ $122.22$1,222,200.002/21/2024$128.26right arrow
TNET TriNet GroupKelly L Tuminelli CFOSell4,396 shares @ $122.67$539,257.322/21/2024$128.26right arrow
TRGP Targa ResourcesJulie H Boushka CAOSell2,500 shares @ $97.66$244,150.002/21/2024$112.92right arrow
TRGP Targa ResourcesJoe Bob Perkins DirectorSell33,405 shares @ $97.67$3,262,666.352/22/2024$112.92right arrow
TRGP Targa ResourcesJennifer R Kneale CFOSell26,061 shares @ $97.36$2,537,298.962/21/2024$112.92right arrow
TSLA TeslaRobyn M Denholm DirectorSell93,706 shares @ $194.73$18,247,369.382/21/2024$147.05right arrow
TTD Trade DeskJeffrey Terry Green CEOSell75,000 shares @ $81.77$6,132,750.002/21/2024$77.30right arrow
TTD Trade DeskJeffrey Terry Green CEOSell75,000 shares @ $82.31$6,173,250.002/23/2024$77.30right arrow
WAB Westinghouse Air Brake TechnologiesDavid L Deninno VPSell6,607 shares @ $135.61$895,975.272/21/2024$144.17right arrow
WD Walker & DunlopPaula A Pryor EVPSell1,908 shares @ $94.09$179,523.722/21/2024$91.24right arrow
WFRD Weatherford InternationalGirish Saligram CEOSell60,000 shares @ $103.57$6,214,200.002/21/2024$112.79right arrow
WING WingstopKilandigalu Madati DirectorSell1,472 shares @ $339.87$500,288.642/23/2024$347.37right arrow
WING WingstopMichael Skipworth CEOSell10,843 shares @ $337.40$3,658,428.202/23/2024$347.37right arrow
WMT WalmartDavid Chojnowski SVPSell10,950 shares @ $58.33$638,750.002/22/2024$59.53right arrow
WMT WalmartC Douglas Mcmillon CEOSell29,124 shares @ $57.93$1,687,250.402/22/2024$59.53right arrow
WMT WalmartS Robson Walton DirectorSell5,816,175 shares @ $57.95$337,066,728.502/21/2024$59.53right arrow
WMT WalmartS Robson Walton DirectorSell14,685,327 shares @ $58.61$860,755,966.562/23/2024$59.53right arrow
WMT WalmartAlice L Walton Major ShareholderSell5,970,066 shares @ $58.27$347,895,646.042/22/2024$59.53right arrow
XOM Exxon MobilDarrin L Talley VPSell2,400 shares @ $105.00$252,000.002/22/2024$119.88right arrow

NEW: Federal Reserve launches bank account overhaul (ad)
image for NEW: Federal Reserve launches bank account overhaul
Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, U.S. Bank at nearly 40 other banks are all involved. Will your bank next to make this radical change??

Find out here.

Top Insider-Buying Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares PurchasedTotal Cost of Shares PurchasedNumber of Insider PurchasesNumber of Insiders BuyingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
PGY Pagaya Technologies194,807$2,012,373.0066$9.45Moderate Buy$38.08right arrow
ULS UL Solutions199,997$5,599,916.0066$33.85$0.00right arrow
YORW York Water335$11,640.0044$35.07$0.00right arrow
MMLP Martin Midstream Partners2,998$7,945.0044$2.71$0.00right arrow
NEOG Neogen53,000$662,205.0044$11.61Moderate Buy$22.50right arrow
CION CION Investment2,519$27,640.0044$11.22Hold$11.13right arrow
ED Consolidated Edison252$22,884.0044$91.77Reduce$87.96right arrow
BRT BRT Apartments95,110$1,582,961.0093$17.37Buy$21.75right arrow
GAM General American Investors6,800$170,354.0033$44.59$0.00right arrow
FTHY First Trust High Yield Opportunities 2027 Term Fund93,100$1,335,750.0053$14.06$0.00right arrow

Top Insider-Selling Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares SoldTotal Cost of Shares SoldNumber of Insider SalesNumber of Insiders SellingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
NCNO nCino1,086,116$38,241,504.0099$29.41Moderate Buy$35.91right arrow
PHR Phreesia53,356$1,212,570.00157$21.70Moderate Buy$31.62right arrow
CRM Salesforce219,795$65,520,298.00217$270.37Moderate Buy$307.87right arrow
FDX FedEx136,668$37,758,773.0077$266.99Moderate Buy$301.33right arrow
GETY Getty Images888,438$3,786,420.00137$3.94Moderate Buy$6.35right arrow
GOOG Alphabet61,914$9,626,325.0076$155.72Buy$159.86right arrow
GOOGL Alphabet61,914$9,626,325.0076$154.09Moderate Buy$158.41right arrow
CVNA Carvana132,883$11,108,328.0066$71.36Hold$53.87right arrow
ELVN Enliven Therapeutics202,726$4,746,663.00126$17.28Buy$34.00right arrow
PSTG Pure Storage286,581$15,266,704.0066$49.46Moderate Buy$51.63right arrow

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