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Chris Markoch Profile

Chris Markoch

Chris Markoch is a financial copywriter who has been covering the markets for over six years. Chris tries to connect with investors by offering perspectives on stocks based on his strong background in business and marketing. He looks for the trends in society and in business that are moving stocks in a certain direction. Chris believes in a strategy of long-term investing, but will occasionally guide investors to opportunities to trade on the news. You can find more of his writing on
Jea Yu Profile
With over 20 years of active participation and analysis of the US equities, options and futures markets, Mr. Yu brings fresh insights into the workings of the financial markets. He has published four books by esteemed publishers McGraw-Hill, John Wiley & Sons, Marketplace Books and Bloomberg Press. His brainchild, the Underground Trader, was voted Forbes Best of the Web for four consecutive years under the active trader category. He has been a featured speaker all over the country at various expos and seminars who enjoys a standing-room-only reception in the largest convention halls from New York to Las Vegas. He has been quoted and featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Traders Magazine and the Financial Times and various trade publications like Stocks & Commodities, Active Trader and Online Investor. Mr. Yu has a B.A. in Liberal Arts and minor in Business Administration from the University of Maryland.
Nick Vasco Profile
Nick contributes to ARN in a number of sectors, including technical and fundamental analysis. He is talented and possesses an expertise to find hidden gems the market may have missed.
Sam Quirke Profile
Sam Quirke resides in Chicago where has worked as and analyst, He specializes in energy, commodities and index futures while utilizing a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. Sam manages his own portfolio made up of long term plays in combination with momentum plays, while contributing to Analyst Rating Network.
Steve Anderson Profile

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson covers financial news for Analyst Ratings Network. With a background ranging from finance and fintech to the pharmaceutical industry, Steve has been lending his perspective on the market through his writing for over fifteen years. 
Thomas Hughes Profile

Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes is a long-time market-watcher, trader, and armchair economist with over 15 years of experience. If there is a market traded for money with price charts and news he is interested in it. Over the years Thomas has covered everything from stocks to options, FOREX, gold, oil, and cryptocurrencies. His personal investing style is focused growth, value, and dividends with a sub-focus on dividend-growth. In his opinion, the best investments are ones where technicals and fundamentals align. Thomas is married and has two children, he and his family live in western North Carolina.

Hottest Stock Pick for 2021
This could be the most underrated stock available. Watch it closely.
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