Fed Decriminalization of Cannabis Could Spark New Pot Stock Boom
With Democrats now controlling both houses of Congress and the executive branch, cannabis decriminalization on the federal level could be months away. This could result in established Washington State weed companies being able to market across state lines -- setting off a bidding war for quality stocks at reasonable prices.
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Sardar Biglari, insider at Biglari
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Sardar Biglari Insider Information

CEO of Biglari

Sardar Biglari is an Iranian-born entrepreneur and the founder, chairman, and CEO of Biglari Holdings Inc. 

Biglari Holdings is a publicly-traded company that serves as the holding company for a variety of businesses in the restaurant, insurance, oil and gas, and media and licensing industries. These include Steak ‘n Shake, Western Sizzlin, Southern Oil of Louisiana, Southern Pioneer Insurance, and Maxim.

Biglari was born two years before the Iranian Revolution, during which his father served as a military officer under the shah and was later imprisoned. Following the revolution, his family fled Iran as refugees and settled in San Antonio, Texas in 1984. 

At 18 years old, Biglari founded an internet service provider by raising $15,000. At 22, he sold the company to Internet America and used the proceeds to start an investment partnership. The fund purchased shares in restaurant companies, including Friendly Ice Cream and Western Sizzlin, the latter of which he became CEO and chairman of in 2006. 

Since signing on with Steak ‘n Shake’s board in 2008, Biglari quickly moved up the ranks to chairman and CEO, implementing a top-down overhaul of the restaurant chain’s operations. This drastic change helped the company go from losing more than $100,000 a day in 2009 to making more than that same amount a year later. 

In 2010, he renamed Steak ‘n Shake corporate to Biglari Holdings, integrating his other brands within it. Biglari is also the founder, chairman, and CEO of Biglari Capital, the general partner to The Lion Fund, an activist hedge fund.

Biglari attended Trinity University in his hometown of San Antonio.

What is Sardar Biglari's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Sardar Biglari is at least $1.13 million as of November 26th, 2019. Biglari owns 7,699 shares of Biglari stock worth more than $1,132,292 as of November 29th. This net worth evaluation does not reflect any other assets that Biglari may own. Learn More.

How do I contact Sardar Biglari?

The corporate mailing address for Biglari and other Biglari executives is 17802 IH 10 WEST SUITE 400, SAN ANTONIO TX, 78257. Biglari can also be reached via phone at (210) 344-3400.

Has Sardar Biglari been buying or selling shares of Biglari?

Within the last three months, Sardar Biglari has bought $4,262,289.00 of Biglari stock. Most recently, on Wednesday, November 24th, Sardar Biglari bought 2,260 shares of Biglari stock. The stock was acquired at an average cost of $160.95 per share, with a total value of $363,747.00.

Who are Biglari's active insiders?

Biglari's insider roster includes Sardar Biglari (CEO), and John Cardwell (Director).

Are insiders buying or selling shares of Biglari?

In the last twelve months, Biglari insiders bought shares 23 times. They purchased a total of 73,393 shares worth more than $15,003,672.15. The most recent insider tranaction occured on November, 24th when CEO Sardar Biglari bought 2,260 shares worth more than $363,747.00. Insiders at Biglari own 63.4 % of the company.

Information on this page was last updated on 11/24/2021.

Sardar Biglari Insider Trading History at Biglari

Transaction DateBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionShares Held After TransactionDetails
11/24/2021Buy2,260$160.95$363,747.00View SEC Filing Icon  
11/22/2021Buy26,706$145.98$3,898,541.88View SEC Filing Icon  
8/12/2021Buy13,755$212.94$2,928,989.70View SEC Filing Icon  
8/10/2021Buy542$825.91$447,643.22View SEC Filing Icon  
5/13/2021Buy17,456$153.48$2,679,146.88View SEC Filing Icon  
5/11/2021Buy2,344$300.80$705,075.20View SEC Filing Icon  
3/4/2021Buy1,888$140.00$264,320.00View SEC Filing Icon  
12/16/2020Buy1,888$237.14$447,720.32View SEC Filing Icon  
12/8/2020Buy929$351.44$326,487.76View SEC Filing Icon  
11/30/2020Buy2,255$112.38$253,416.90View SEC Filing Icon  
11/27/2020Buy3,041$110.78$336,881.98View SEC Filing Icon  
11/24/2020Buy5,532$125.55$694,542.60View SEC Filing Icon  
11/20/2020Buy18,081$104.81$1,895,069.61View SEC Filing Icon  
11/16/2020Buy6,195$113.06$700,406.70View SEC Filing Icon  
11/13/2020Buy15,708$96.46$1,515,193.68View SEC Filing Icon  
9/10/2020Buy1,316$98.28$129,336.48View SEC Filing Icon  
9/4/2020Buy2,630$115.61$304,054.30View SEC Filing Icon  
9/2/2020Buy117$98.27$11,497.59View SEC Filing Icon  
8/17/2020Buy13,825$95.17$1,315,725.25View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2020Buy3,057$256.49$784,089.93View SEC Filing Icon  
11/26/2019Buy717$584.39$419,007.637,699View SEC Filing Icon  
11/22/2019Buy116$584.61$67,814.766,866View SEC Filing Icon  
11/20/2019Buy100$584.08$58,408.005,385View SEC Filing Icon  
11/18/2019Buy2,284$576.07$1,315,743.885,385View SEC Filing Icon  
11/13/2019Buy605$579.87$350,821.352,391View SEC Filing Icon  
11/11/2019Buy420$551.85$231,777.002,391View SEC Filing Icon  
6/14/2019Buy4,868$153.15$745,534.20View SEC Filing Icon  
6/12/2019Buy3,447$534.29$1,841,697.63View SEC Filing Icon  
6/7/2019Buy4,827$292.60$1,412,380.20View SEC Filing Icon  
6/5/2019Buy15,269$144.26$2,202,705.94View SEC Filing Icon  
5/24/2019Buy957$169.55$162,259.35View SEC Filing Icon  
5/22/2019Buy1,980$370.45$733,491.00View SEC Filing Icon  
12/17/2018Buy393$727.99$286,100.07View SEC Filing Icon  
12/13/2018Buy1,350$555.67$750,154.50View SEC Filing Icon  
3/8/2018Buy1,837$419.13$769,941.811View SEC Filing Icon  
3/6/2018Buy687$419.79$288,395.731View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2018Buy1,491$418.97$624,684.271View SEC Filing Icon  
2/27/2018Buy1,984$419.76$832,803.841View SEC Filing Icon  
2/22/2018Buy769$418.01$321,449.691View SEC Filing Icon  
2/20/2018Buy1,407$401.71$565,205.971View SEC Filing Icon  
2/16/2018Buy1,221$401.02$489,645.421View SEC Filing Icon  
2/14/2018Buy1,221$402.65$491,635.651View SEC Filing Icon  
2/12/2018Buy1,221$405.54$495,164.341View SEC Filing Icon  
2/8/2018Buy1,187$395.78$469,790.861View SEC Filing Icon  
2/6/2018Buy3,310$400.56$1,325,853.601View SEC Filing Icon  
2/2/2018Buy1,218$407.66$496,529.881View SEC Filing Icon  
1/31/2018Buy862$416.43$358,962.661View SEC Filing Icon  
1/29/2018Buy816$417.31$340,524.961View SEC Filing Icon  
1/26/2018Buy780$418.93$326,765.401View SEC Filing Icon  
1/24/2018Buy1,006$412.66$415,135.961View SEC Filing Icon  
1/22/2018Buy1,250$412.29$515,362.501View SEC Filing Icon  
1/19/2018Buy1,391$417.04$580,102.641View SEC Filing Icon  
1/17/2018Buy689$419.26$288,870.141View SEC Filing Icon  
1/10/2018Buy271$419.67$113,730.571View SEC Filing Icon  
1/8/2018Buy1,557$417.02$649,300.141View SEC Filing Icon  
1/4/2018Buy3,256$418.35$1,362,147.601View SEC Filing Icon  
1/2/2018Buy1,490$418.72$623,892.801View SEC Filing Icon  
12/29/2017Buy1,333$418.87$558,353.71View SEC Filing Icon  
12/28/2017Buy638$418.78$267,181.641View SEC Filing Icon  
12/27/2017Buy3,493$419.09$1,463,881.371View SEC Filing Icon  
12/22/2017Buy918$419.16$384,788.881View SEC Filing Icon  
12/20/2017Buy1,296$418.97$542,985.121View SEC Filing Icon  
12/18/2017Buy2,320$412.85$957,812.001View SEC Filing Icon  
12/15/2017Buy1,666$414.01$689,740.661View SEC Filing Icon  
12/13/2017Buy4,998$385.30$1,925,729.401View SEC Filing Icon  
12/11/2017Buy1,666$377.29$628,565.141View SEC Filing Icon  
12/4/2017Buy10$335.00$3,350.001View SEC Filing Icon  
11/29/2017Buy10$335.00$3,350.001View SEC Filing Icon  
11/27/2017Buy1,507$333.88$503,157.161View SEC Filing Icon  
11/24/2017Buy347$334.84$116,189.481View SEC Filing Icon  
11/22/2017Buy2,072$332.94$689,851.681View SEC Filing Icon  
11/20/2017Buy654$334.97$219,070.381View SEC Filing Icon  
11/8/2017Buy700$334.50$234,150.001View SEC Filing Icon  
11/6/2017Buy1,136$333.46$378,810.561View SEC Filing Icon  
10/12/2017Buy80$335.00$26,800.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/11/2017Buy250$334.97$83,742.501View SEC Filing Icon  
10/10/2017Buy120$334.95$40,194.001View SEC Filing Icon  
10/9/2017Buy1,335$334.76$446,904.601View SEC Filing Icon  
10/3/2017Buy211$333.84$70,440.24View SEC Filing Icon  
8/8/2016Buy263$398.47$104,797.611View SEC Filing Icon  
7/5/2016Buy567$399.66$226,607.221View SEC Filing Icon  
7/1/2016Buy157$399.75$62,760.751View SEC Filing Icon  
6/30/2016Buy1,418$398.03$564,406.541View SEC Filing Icon  
6/27/2016Buy318$398.62$126,761.161View SEC Filing Icon  
6/22/2016Buy1,359$397.65$540,406.351View SEC Filing Icon  
6/21/2016Buy445$396.80$176,576.001View SEC Filing Icon  
6/20/2016Buy430$398.00$171,140.001View SEC Filing Icon  
6/15/2016Buy1,284$415.67$533,720.281View SEC Filing Icon  
6/14/2016Buy643$416.72$267,950.961View SEC Filing Icon  
6/13/2016Buy610$414.39$252,777.901View SEC Filing Icon  
6/10/2016Buy1,054$418.35$440,940.901View SEC Filing Icon  
6/7/2016Buy1,493$418.07$624,178.511View SEC Filing Icon  
6/2/2016Buy1,324$415.94$550,704.561View SEC Filing Icon  
5/31/2016Buy1,719$397.13$682,666.471View SEC Filing Icon  
5/27/2016Buy939$394.33$370,275.871View SEC Filing Icon  
5/26/2016Buy3,126$378.85$1,184,285.101View SEC Filing Icon  
1/6/2016Buy943$333.67$314,650.8131,019View SEC Filing Icon  
1/5/2016Buy943$332.88$313,905.8431,019View SEC Filing Icon  
1/4/2016Buy934$327.65$306,025.1031,019View SEC Filing Icon  
7/1/2015Buy616,312$420.00$258,851,040.00View SEC Filing Icon  
4/20/2015Buy1,215$411.32$499,753.80View SEC Filing Icon  
4/17/2015Buy5,403$413.42$2,233,708.26View SEC Filing Icon  
4/14/2015Buy4,908$413.96$2,031,715.68View SEC Filing Icon  
4/1/2015Buy2,069$414.56$857,724.64View SEC Filing Icon  
2/11/2015Buy2,506$415.00$1,039,990.00View SEC Filing Icon  
2/10/2015Buy200$415.00$83,000.00View SEC Filing Icon  
2/9/2015Buy1,497$415.00$621,255.00View SEC Filing Icon  
2/3/2015Buy2,566$411.87$1,056,858.42View SEC Filing Icon  
1/16/2015Buy439$414.92$182,149.88View SEC Filing Icon  
1/15/2015Buy9,952$414.23$4,122,416.96View SEC Filing Icon  
1/12/2015Buy7,902$406.41$3,211,451.82View SEC Filing Icon  
1/7/2015Buy6,411$405.09$2,597,031.99View SEC Filing Icon  
1/6/2015Buy2,094$403.29$844,489.26View SEC Filing Icon  
1/5/2015Buy2,147$408.69$877,457.43View SEC Filing Icon  
1/2/2015Buy5,838$398.06$2,323,874.28View SEC Filing Icon  
12/29/2014Buy7,510$380.58$2,858,155.80View SEC Filing Icon  
12/22/2014Buy5,249$366.76$1,925,123.24View SEC Filing Icon  
9/18/2014Buy3,859$250.00$964,750.00View SEC Filing Icon  
3/26/2014Buy6,076$496.66$3,017,706.16View SEC Filing Icon  
9/20/2013Buy5,165$265.00$1,368,725.00View SEC Filing Icon  
9/5/2013Buy7,145$420.10$3,001,614.50View SEC Filing Icon  
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Sardar Biglari Buying and Selling Activity at Biglari

This chart shows Sardar Biglari's buying and selling at Biglari by year and by quarter.

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Biglari Company Overview

Biglari logo
Biglari Holdings, Inc. engages in diverse business such as property and casualty insurance, media and licensing, restaurants, and oil and gas. It operates through the following segments: Restaurant Operations, Insurance, Southern Oil, and Maxim. The Restaurant Operations segment operations include Steak n Shake and Western Sizzlin. The Insurance Operations segment operates through First Guard and Southern Pioneer. The Maxim segment deals with media and licensing. The Southern Oil segment consists of the oil and gas operation in Gulf of Mexico. The company was founded by Sardar Biglari on December 21, 2017 and is headquartered in San Antonio, TX.
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Today's Range

Now: $147.07
Low: $147.07
High: $149.60

50 Day Range

MA: $162.38
Low: $143.52
High: $172.76

2 Week Range

Now: $147.07
Low: $106.00
High: $188.50


228 shs

Average Volume

5,592 shs

Market Capitalization

$334.73 million

P/E Ratio


Dividend Yield



Fed Decriminalization of Cannabis Could Spark New Pot Stock Boom
With Democrats now controlling both houses of Congress and the executive branch, cannabis decriminalization on the federal level could be months away. This could result in established Washington State weed companies being able to market across state lines -- setting off a bidding war for quality stocks at reasonable prices.
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