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RCG Insider Trading (RENN Fund)

Insider Ownership Percentage: N/A
Insider Buying (Last 12 Months): $121,678.67
Insider Selling (Last 12 Months): $0.00

RENN Fund Insider Trading History Chart

RENN Fund Share Price & Price History

▲ +0.05 (1.88%)
As of 05/7/2021 01:00 AM ET
Days: 30 | 90 | 365
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RENN Fund Insider Trading History

Transaction DateInsider NameTitleBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionShares Held After TransactionDetails
5/6/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.66$1,795.50View SEC Filing Icon  
5/4/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.68$1,809.00View SEC Filing Icon  
4/30/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.72$1,836.00View SEC Filing Icon  
4/28/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.69$1,815.75View SEC Filing Icon  
4/26/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.56$1,728.00View SEC Filing Icon  
4/23/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.54$1,714.50View SEC Filing Icon  
4/21/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.60$1,755.00View SEC Filing Icon  
4/19/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.60$1,755.00View SEC Filing Icon  
4/14/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.62$1,768.50View SEC Filing Icon  
4/12/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.58$1,741.50View SEC Filing Icon  
4/9/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.57$1,734.75View SEC Filing Icon  
4/7/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.55$1,721.25View SEC Filing Icon  
4/5/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.59$1,748.25View SEC Filing Icon  
3/31/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.60$1,755.00View SEC Filing Icon  
3/29/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.64$1,782.00View SEC Filing Icon  
3/26/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.52$1,701.00View SEC Filing Icon  
3/24/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.67$1,802.25View SEC Filing Icon  
3/22/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.70$1,822.50View SEC Filing Icon  
3/17/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.70$1,822.50View SEC Filing Icon  
3/15/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.66$1,795.50View SEC Filing Icon  
3/12/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.59$1,748.25View SEC Filing Icon  
3/10/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.53$1,707.75View SEC Filing Icon  
3/8/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.40$1,620.00View SEC Filing Icon  
3/4/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.43$1,640.25View SEC Filing Icon  
3/2/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy600$2.41$1,446.00View SEC Filing Icon  
2/26/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.36$1,593.00View SEC Filing Icon  
2/24/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.34$1,579.50View SEC Filing Icon  
2/22/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.26$1,525.50View SEC Filing Icon  
2/19/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.25$1,518.75View SEC Filing Icon  
2/17/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.32$1,566.00View SEC Filing Icon  
2/10/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.20$1,485.00View SEC Filing Icon  
2/8/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.10$1,417.50View SEC Filing Icon  
2/5/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.02$1,363.50View SEC Filing Icon  
2/3/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.92$1,296.00View SEC Filing Icon  
2/1/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.86$1,255.50View SEC Filing Icon  
1/29/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.92$1,296.00View SEC Filing Icon  
1/27/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.02$1,363.50View SEC Filing Icon  
1/25/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$2.12$1,431.00View SEC Filing Icon  
1/21/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.89$1,275.75View SEC Filing Icon  
1/19/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.94$1,309.50View SEC Filing Icon  
1/13/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.80$1,215.00View SEC Filing Icon  
1/11/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.74$1,174.50View SEC Filing Icon  
1/8/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.97$1,329.75View SEC Filing Icon  
1/6/2021Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.77$1,194.75View SEC Filing Icon  
12/30/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy28$1.64$45.92View SEC Filing Icon  
12/23/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.67$1,127.25View SEC Filing Icon  
12/21/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.63$1,100.25View SEC Filing Icon  
12/18/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy50$1.59$79.50View SEC Filing Icon  
12/16/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.68$1,134.00View SEC Filing Icon  
12/14/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.69$1,140.75View SEC Filing Icon  
12/10/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.67$1,127.25View SEC Filing Icon  
12/8/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.68$1,134.00View SEC Filing Icon  
12/4/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.61$1,086.75View SEC Filing Icon  
12/2/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.57$1,059.75View SEC Filing Icon  
11/30/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.58$1,066.50View SEC Filing Icon  
11/27/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.57$1,059.75View SEC Filing Icon  
11/24/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.58$1,066.50View SEC Filing Icon  
11/20/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.56$1,053.00View SEC Filing Icon  
11/18/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.56$1,053.00View SEC Filing Icon  
11/16/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.53$1,032.75View SEC Filing Icon  
11/13/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.47$992.25View SEC Filing Icon  
11/11/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.47$992.25View SEC Filing Icon  
11/9/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.44$972.00View SEC Filing Icon  
11/2/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.39$938.25View SEC Filing Icon  
10/30/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.36$918.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/28/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.36$918.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/26/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.41$951.75View SEC Filing Icon  
10/23/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.43$965.25View SEC Filing Icon  
10/21/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.42$958.50View SEC Filing Icon  
10/19/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.39$938.25View SEC Filing Icon  
10/16/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.37$924.75View SEC Filing Icon  
10/14/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.36$918.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/12/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.39$938.25View SEC Filing Icon  
10/9/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.35$911.25View SEC Filing Icon  
10/7/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.33$897.75View SEC Filing Icon  
10/5/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.33$897.75View SEC Filing Icon  
10/2/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.31$884.25View SEC Filing Icon  
9/30/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.31$884.25View SEC Filing Icon  
9/28/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.31$884.25View SEC Filing Icon  
9/25/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.30$877.50View SEC Filing Icon  
9/23/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.31$884.25View SEC Filing Icon  
9/21/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.31$884.25View SEC Filing Icon  
9/18/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.33$897.75View SEC Filing Icon  
9/16/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.30$877.50View SEC Filing Icon  
9/14/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.29$870.75View SEC Filing Icon  
9/10/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.29$870.75View SEC Filing Icon  
9/8/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.27$857.25View SEC Filing Icon  
9/3/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.30$877.50View SEC Filing Icon  
8/31/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.30$877.50View SEC Filing Icon  
8/26/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.34$904.50View SEC Filing Icon  
8/24/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.32$891.00View SEC Filing Icon  
8/20/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.37$924.75View SEC Filing Icon  
8/18/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.35$911.25View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.33$897.75View SEC Filing Icon  
8/10/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.36$918.00View SEC Filing Icon  
8/5/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.43$965.25View SEC Filing Icon  
7/31/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.31$884.25View SEC Filing Icon  
7/29/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy675$1.33$897.75View SEC Filing Icon  
7/27/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy100$1.31$131.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/24/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy100$1.29$129.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/22/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy100$1.29$129.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/20/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy100$1.30$130.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/17/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy100$1.31$131.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/15/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy100$1.29$129.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/13/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy225$1.26$283.50View SEC Filing Icon  
7/10/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy100$1.28$128.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/8/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy225$1.29$290.25View SEC Filing Icon  
7/6/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy225$1.30$292.50View SEC Filing Icon  
7/1/2020Murray StahlCEOBuy100$1.28$128.00View SEC Filing Icon  
11/6/2019Murray StahlCEOBuy500$1.59$795.00View SEC Filing Icon  
4/2/2019Alice C BrennanDirectorBuy500$1.61$805.00500View SEC Filing Icon  
3/19/2019Herbert M ChainDirectorBuy500$1.79$895.00500View SEC Filing Icon  
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SEC Filings (Institutional Ownership Changes) for RENN Fund (NYSEAMERICAN:RCG)

Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

RENN Fund Institutional Trading History

Reporting DateHedge FundShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
2/11/2021Moors & Cabot Inc.49,905$86K0.0%+16.3%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/12/2020Moors & Cabot Inc.42,905$45K0.0%N/A0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/11/2020Landscape Capital Management L.L.C.81,279$0.13M0.0%-14.2%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
6/16/2019Pecaut & CO.78,065$0.13M0.1%+31.4%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/8/2019Pecaut & CO.78,065$0.20M0.1%+31.4%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/3/2019Chase Investment Counsel Corp186,335$0.32M0.2%+19.6%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
11/13/2018Blair William & Co. IL316,918$0.57M0.0%+36.1%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/15/2018Blair William & Co. IL83,148$0.11M0.0%+143.8%1.864%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
Data available starting January 2016

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RENN Fund logo
RENN Fund, Inc. is a closed ended equity mutual fund launched by RENN Capital Group, Inc. The fund is co-managed by Horizon Kinetics Asset Management LLC. It invests in the public equity markets of the United States. The fund seeks to invest in stocks of companies operating across diversified sectors. It seeks to invest in stocks of small-cap and mid-cap companies. The fund employs a fundamental analysis with a bottom-up stock picking approach to create its portfolio. It was formerly known as RENN Global Entrepreneurs Fund, Inc. RENN Fund, Inc. was formed on January 20, 1994 and is domiciled in the United States.
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Today's Range

Now: $2.71

50 Day Range


52 Week Range

Now: $2.71


21,293 shs

Average Volume

27,078 shs

Market Capitalization


P/E Ratio


Dividend Yield




Who are the company insiders with the largest holdings of RENN Fund?

RENN Fund's top insider investors include:
  1. Murray Stahl (CEO)
Learn How to Analyze Your Market and Trading Plan
Custom-design an options strategy to fit your market outlook. This guide goes beyond the basics to help you understand how to evaluate a strategy’s risk and reward. Start with your market outlook, then hone in on your strategy based on the risk you’re willing to take.
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