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Murray Stahl, insider at Texas Pacific Land
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Murray Stahl Insider Information

Director of Texas Pacific Land
Founder of Horizon Kinetics Asset Management LLC, Kinetics Asset Management LLC, Horizon Kinetics LLC and Kinetics Advisers LLC, Murray Stahl is an entrepreneur and businessperson who has been the head of 8 different companies and presently is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for FRMO Corp., Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Fromex Equity Corp. (a subsidiary of FRMO Corp.), Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer & CFO at RENN Fund, Inc., Chairman, Chief Executive & Investment Officer at Horizon Kinetics LLC, Chairman, CEO & CIO at Horizon Kinetics Asset Management LLC and Secretary & Director at Kinetics Mutual Funds, Inc. (both are subsidiaries of Horizon Kinetics LLC) and Chairman for Minneapolis Grain Exchange, Inc. Mr. Stahl is also on the board of Winland Holdings Corp., The Bermuda Stock Exchange Ltd., MSRH LLC and Texas Pacific Land Corp.

In his past career Murray Stahl occupied the position of Chairman, CEO & CIO at Kinetics Asset Management LLC, Chairman, Chief Executive & Investment Officer at Kinetics Advisers LLC and Senior Portfolio Manager & Research Analyst at Bankers Trust Co. (Des Moines, Iowa).

Mr. Stahl received an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree from Brooklyn College and an MBA from Pace University.

What is Murray Stahl's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Murray Stahl is at least $2.22 million as of May 17th, 2021. Mr. Stahl owns 2,000 shares of Texas Pacific Land stock worth more than $2,223,540 as of January 17th. This net worth evaluation does not reflect any other assets that Mr. Stahl may own. Learn More.

How do I contact Murray Stahl?

The corporate mailing address for Mr. Stahl and other Texas Pacific Land executives is 1700 PACIFIC AVENUE SUITE 2900, DALLAS TX, 75201. Texas Pacific Land can also be reached via phone at (214) 969-5530.

Has Murray Stahl been buying or selling shares of Texas Pacific Land?

During the past quarter, Murray Stahl has bought $14,905.00 in shares of Texas Pacific Land stock. Most recently, on Wednesday, January 12th, Murray Stahl bought 3 shares of Texas Pacific Land stock. The stock was acquired at an average cost of $1,223.97 per share, with a total value of $3,671.91.

Are insiders buying or selling shares of Texas Pacific Land?

During the last year, Texas Pacific Land insiders bought shares 136 times. They purchased a total of 610 shares worth more than $882,497.76. The most recent insider tranaction occured on January, 12th when Director Murray Stahl bought 3 shares worth more than $3,671.91. Insiders at Texas Pacific Land own 3.8 % of the company.

Information on this page was last updated on 1/12/2022.

Murray Stahl Insider Trading History at Texas Pacific Land

Transaction DateBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionShares Held After TransactionDetails
1/12/2022Buy3$1,223.97$3,671.91View SEC Filing Icon  
1/10/2022Buy3$1,213.07$3,639.21View SEC Filing Icon  
1/5/2022Buy3$1,257.09$3,771.27View SEC Filing Icon  
1/3/2022Buy3$1,274.14$3,822.42View SEC Filing Icon  
12/29/2021Buy3$1,251.75$3,755.25View SEC Filing Icon  
12/27/2021Buy3$1,283.58$3,850.74View SEC Filing Icon  
12/22/2021Buy3$1,229.80$3,689.40View SEC Filing Icon  
12/20/2021Buy3$1,209.94$3,629.82View SEC Filing Icon  
12/17/2021Buy3$1,206.73$3,620.19View SEC Filing Icon  
12/15/2021Buy3$1,236.34$3,709.02View SEC Filing Icon  
12/13/2021Buy3$1,245.48$3,736.44View SEC Filing Icon  
12/10/2021Buy3$1,267.96$3,803.88View SEC Filing Icon  
12/8/2021Buy3$1,288.16$3,864.48View SEC Filing Icon  
12/6/2021Buy3$1,263.61$3,790.83View SEC Filing Icon  
12/3/2021Buy3$1,205.66$3,616.98View SEC Filing Icon  
12/1/2021Buy3$1,180.49$3,541.47View SEC Filing Icon  
11/29/2021Buy3$1,263.01$3,789.03View SEC Filing Icon  
11/26/2021Buy14$1,242.99$17,401.86View SEC Filing Icon  
11/24/2021Buy3$1,307.48$3,922.44View SEC Filing Icon  
11/22/2021Buy3$1,253.80$3,761.40View SEC Filing Icon  
11/19/2021Buy3$1,245.91$3,737.73View SEC Filing Icon  
11/17/2021Buy3$1,258.02$3,774.06View SEC Filing Icon  
11/15/2021Buy3$1,295.13$3,885.39View SEC Filing Icon  
11/12/2021Buy3$1,296.53$3,889.59View SEC Filing Icon  
11/10/2021Buy3$1,339.90$4,019.70View SEC Filing Icon  
11/8/2021Buy3$1,385.42$4,156.26View SEC Filing Icon  
11/5/2021Buy3$1,367.57$4,102.71View SEC Filing Icon  
11/3/2021Buy3$1,274.00$3,822.00View SEC Filing Icon  
11/1/2021Buy3$1,313.30$3,939.90View SEC Filing Icon  
10/29/2021Buy3$1,273.67$3,821.01View SEC Filing Icon  
10/27/2021Buy3$1,242.90$3,728.70View SEC Filing Icon  
10/25/2021Buy3$1,293.77$3,881.31View SEC Filing Icon  
10/22/2021Buy3$1,265.98$3,797.94View SEC Filing Icon  
10/20/2021Buy3$1,270.92$3,812.76View SEC Filing Icon  
10/18/2021Buy3$1,225.00$3,675.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/15/2021Buy3$1,222.36$3,667.08View SEC Filing Icon  
10/13/2021Buy3$1,194.84$3,584.52View SEC Filing Icon  
10/11/2021Buy3$1,198.01$3,594.03View SEC Filing Icon  
10/8/2021Buy3$1,213.44$3,640.32View SEC Filing Icon  
10/6/2021Buy3$1,162.33$3,486.99View SEC Filing Icon  
10/4/2021Buy3$1,151.79$3,455.37View SEC Filing Icon  
10/1/2021Buy3$1,173.01$3,519.03View SEC Filing Icon  
9/29/2021Buy3$1,240.60$3,721.80View SEC Filing Icon  
9/27/2021Buy3$1,367.00$4,101.00View SEC Filing Icon  
9/24/2021Buy3$1,301.52$3,904.56View SEC Filing Icon  
9/22/2021Buy3$1,267.29$3,801.87View SEC Filing Icon  
9/20/2021Buy3$1,243.06$3,729.18View SEC Filing Icon  
9/17/2021Buy3$1,300.40$3,901.20View SEC Filing Icon  
9/15/2021Buy3$1,252.62$3,757.86View SEC Filing Icon  
9/13/2021Buy3$1,242.47$3,727.41View SEC Filing Icon  
9/9/2021Buy3$1,226.76$3,680.28View SEC Filing Icon  
9/7/2021Buy3$1,218.78$3,656.34View SEC Filing Icon  
9/3/2021Buy3$1,295.88$3,887.64View SEC Filing Icon  
9/1/2021Buy3$1,354.85$4,064.55View SEC Filing Icon  
8/30/2021Buy3$1,415.41$4,246.23View SEC Filing Icon  
8/27/2021Buy3$1,415.00$4,245.00View SEC Filing Icon  
8/25/2021Buy3$1,416.92$4,250.76View SEC Filing Icon  
8/23/2021Buy3$1,364.00$4,092.00View SEC Filing Icon  
8/20/2021Buy3$1,332.64$3,997.92View SEC Filing Icon  
8/18/2021Buy3$1,369.50$4,108.50View SEC Filing Icon  
8/16/2021Buy3$1,449.16$4,347.48View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2021Buy3$1,483.39$4,450.17View SEC Filing Icon  
8/11/2021Buy3$1,491.38$4,474.14View SEC Filing Icon  
8/9/2021Buy3$1,486.20$4,458.60View SEC Filing Icon  
8/6/2021Buy3$1,479.81$4,439.43View SEC Filing Icon  
8/4/2021Buy3$1,446.13$4,338.39View SEC Filing Icon  
8/2/2021Buy3$1,478.85$4,436.55View SEC Filing Icon  
7/30/2021Buy3$1,492.55$4,477.65View SEC Filing Icon  
7/28/2021Buy3$1,483.07$4,449.21View SEC Filing Icon  
7/26/2021Buy3$1,496.20$4,488.60View SEC Filing Icon  
7/23/2021Buy3$1,499.99$4,499.97View SEC Filing Icon  
7/21/2021Buy3$1,524.04$4,572.12View SEC Filing Icon  
7/19/2021Buy3$1,398.34$4,195.02View SEC Filing Icon  
7/16/2021Buy3$1,415.70$4,247.10View SEC Filing Icon  
7/14/2021Buy3$1,477.65$4,432.95View SEC Filing Icon  
7/12/2021Buy3$1,545.69$4,637.07View SEC Filing Icon  
7/8/2021Buy3$1,460.07$4,380.21View SEC Filing Icon  
7/6/2021Buy3$1,549.11$4,647.33View SEC Filing Icon  
7/1/2021Buy3$1,615.84$4,847.52View SEC Filing Icon  
6/28/2021Buy3$1,552.94$4,658.82View SEC Filing Icon  
6/25/2021Buy3$1,576.09$4,728.27View SEC Filing Icon  
6/23/2021Buy3$1,607.88$4,823.64View SEC Filing Icon  
6/21/2021Buy3$1,593.45$4,780.35View SEC Filing Icon  
6/18/2021Buy3$1,516.92$4,550.76View SEC Filing Icon  
6/16/2021Buy3$1,564.00$4,692.00View SEC Filing Icon  
6/14/2021Buy3$1,498.00$4,494.00View SEC Filing Icon  
6/10/2021Buy3$1,491.99$4,475.97View SEC Filing Icon  
6/7/2021Buy3$1,507.00$4,521.00View SEC Filing Icon  
6/4/2021Buy3$1,486.34$4,459.02View SEC Filing Icon  
6/2/2021Buy3$1,490.62$4,471.86View SEC Filing Icon  
5/28/2021Buy3$1,453.12$4,359.36View SEC Filing Icon  
5/26/2021Buy3$1,468.50$4,405.50View SEC Filing Icon  
5/24/2021Buy3$1,506.44$4,519.32View SEC Filing Icon  
5/21/2021Buy3$1,540.00$4,620.00View SEC Filing Icon  
5/19/2021Buy3$1,514.71$4,544.13View SEC Filing Icon  
5/17/2021Buy3$1,650.00$4,950.002,000View SEC Filing Icon  
5/14/2021Buy3$1,688.17$5,064.51View SEC Filing Icon  
5/12/2021Buy3$1,688.83$5,066.49View SEC Filing Icon  
5/10/2021Buy3$1,750.57$5,251.71View SEC Filing Icon  
5/6/2021Buy3$1,607.88$4,823.64View SEC Filing Icon  
5/4/2021Buy3$1,637.95$4,913.85View SEC Filing Icon  
4/30/2021Buy3$1,540.15$4,620.45View SEC Filing Icon  
4/28/2021Buy3$1,658.29$4,974.87View SEC Filing Icon  
4/26/2021Buy3$1,576.02$4,728.06View SEC Filing Icon  
4/23/2021Buy3$1,472.68$4,418.04View SEC Filing Icon  
4/21/2021Buy3$1,456.65$4,369.95View SEC Filing Icon  
4/19/2021Buy3$1,546.00$4,638.00View SEC Filing Icon  
4/14/2021Buy3$1,613.00$4,839.00View SEC Filing Icon  
4/12/2021Buy3$1,598.38$4,795.14View SEC Filing Icon  
4/9/2021Buy3$1,598.19$4,794.57View SEC Filing Icon  
4/7/2021Buy3$1,612.57$4,837.71View SEC Filing Icon  
4/5/2021Buy3$1,587.99$4,763.97View SEC Filing Icon  
3/31/2021Buy3$1,589.43$4,768.29View SEC Filing Icon  
3/29/2021Buy3$1,476.34$4,429.02View SEC Filing Icon  
3/26/2021Buy3$1,578.00$4,734.00View SEC Filing Icon  
3/24/2021Buy3$1,486.40$4,459.20View SEC Filing Icon  
3/22/2021Buy3$1,583.52$4,750.56View SEC Filing Icon  
3/19/2021Buy3$1,675.45$5,026.35View SEC Filing Icon  
3/17/2021Buy3$1,703.78$5,111.34View SEC Filing Icon  
3/15/2021Buy3$1,557.92$4,673.762,000View SEC Filing Icon  
3/12/2021Buy3$1,437.00$4,311.001,177View SEC Filing Icon  
3/10/2021Buy3$1,359.37$4,078.111,171View SEC Filing Icon  
3/8/2021Buy3$1,258.00$3,774.001,165View SEC Filing Icon  
3/4/2021Buy3$1,175.02$3,525.061,159View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2021Buy3$1,107.78$3,323.341,241View SEC Filing Icon  
2/26/2021Buy3$1,104.04$3,312.121,238View SEC Filing Icon  
2/24/2021Buy3$1,143.52$3,430.561,232View SEC Filing Icon  
2/22/2021Buy3$1,100.01$3,300.031,226View SEC Filing Icon  
2/19/2021Buy5$1,109.00$5,545.001,222View SEC Filing Icon  
2/17/2021Buy5$1,142.83$5,714.151,212View SEC Filing Icon  
2/12/2021Buy5$1,119.78$5,598.901,202View SEC Filing Icon  
2/10/2021Buy5$1,065.94$5,329.701,192View SEC Filing Icon  
2/8/2021Buy5$1,020.00$5,100.001,182View SEC Filing Icon  
2/5/2021Buy5$992.99$4,964.951,177View SEC Filing Icon  
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Murray Stahl Buying and Selling Activity at Texas Pacific Land

This chart shows Murray Stahl's buying and selling at Texas Pacific Land by year and by quarter.

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Texas Pacific Land Company Overview

Texas Pacific Land logo
Texas Pacific Land Corp. operates as a landowner in the State of Texas. Its surface and royalty ownership allow revenue generation through the entire value chain of oil and gas development, including through fixed fee payments for use of the firm's land, revenue for sales of materials used in the construction of infrastructure, providing sourced water and treated produced water, revenue from its oil and gas royalty interests, and revenues related to saltwater disposal on land. The company also generates revenue from pipeline, power line and utility easements, commercial leases, material sales and seismic and temporary permits related to a variety of land uses including midstream infrastructure projects and hydrocarbon processing facilities. The company operates through following segment: Land and Resource Management and Water Services and Operations. The Land and Resource Management segment focuses on managing oil and gas royalty interest and surface. The Water Services and Operations segment offers operators an unparalleled breadth of service across the majority of the Permian Basin. The company was founded in April 2020 and is headquartered in Dallas, TX.
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Today's Range

Now: $1,111.77
Low: $1,080.45
High: $1,141.75

50 Day Range

MA: $1,253.03
Low: $1,111.77
High: $1,421.57

2 Week Range

Now: $1,111.77
Low: $785.00
High: $1,773.95


51,760 shs

Average Volume

33,590 shs

Market Capitalization

$8.61 billion

P/E Ratio


Dividend Yield



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According to him, Apple is about to make a critical announcement that will send shockwaves through Wall Street.

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