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CVNA Insider Trading (Carvana)

Insider Ownership Percentage: 12.25%
Insider Buying (Last 12 Months): $0.00
Insider Selling (Last 12 Months): $1,147,511,124.97

Carvana Insider Trading History Chart

Carvana Share Price & Price History

▼ -15.64 (-5.94%)
As of 05/7/2021 01:00 AM ET
Days: 30 | 90 | 365
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Carvana Insider Trading History

Transaction DateInsider NameTitleBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionShares Held After TransactionDetails
5/5/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell23,992$284.39$6,823,084.881,433View SEC Filing Icon  
5/3/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$293.65$14,682,500.002,548View SEC Filing Icon  
5/3/2021Thomas TairaInsiderSell155$297.93$46,179.1545,302View SEC Filing Icon  
4/30/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$285.30$14,265,000.006,300View SEC Filing Icon  
4/28/2021Ernest C. Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$295.24$14,762,000.00600View SEC Filing Icon  
4/26/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell29,401$293.38$8,625,665.385,738View SEC Filing Icon  
4/23/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell13,725$274.98$3,774,100.501,851View SEC Filing Icon  
4/21/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell13,557$268.49$3,639,918.93200View SEC Filing Icon  
4/19/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$274.09$13,704,500.002,100View SEC Filing Icon  
4/16/2021Ernest C. Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$274.73$13,736,500.006,003View SEC Filing Icon  
4/16/2021Ryan S KeetonInsiderSell10,000$274.55$2,745,500.0042,194View SEC Filing Icon  
4/14/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell17,772$279.10$4,960,165.2011,708View SEC Filing Icon  
4/12/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$265.59$13,279,500.003,400View SEC Filing Icon  
4/9/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$268.82$13,441,000.003,106View SEC Filing Icon  
4/7/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$271.46$13,573,000.005,465View SEC Filing Icon  
4/5/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$264.71$13,235,500.001,300View SEC Filing Icon  
4/5/2021Thomas TairaInsiderSell155$270.72$41,961.6045,714View SEC Filing Icon  
3/31/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$262.94$13,147,000.005,924View SEC Filing Icon  
3/29/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell2,790$258.73$721,856.70490View SEC Filing Icon  
3/25/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell16,155$255.12$4,121,463.601,200View SEC Filing Icon  
3/23/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$277.70$13,885,000.001,008View SEC Filing Icon  
3/18/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell29,599$276.37$8,180,275.635,840View SEC Filing Icon  
3/16/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell13,617$290.23$3,952,061.917,372View SEC Filing Icon  
3/16/2021Ryan S KeetonInsiderSell10,000$286.43$2,864,300.0042,508View SEC Filing Icon  
3/12/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell32,150$267.96$8,614,914.002,920View SEC Filing Icon  
3/10/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell5,856$271.00$1,586,976.002,100View SEC Filing Icon  
3/8/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell28,925$258.49$7,476,823.251,100View SEC Filing Icon  
3/3/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell1,610$310.66$500,162.60200View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell34,702$307.76$10,679,887.523,181View SEC Filing Icon  
2/25/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell4,534$286.39$1,298,492.261,103View SEC Filing Icon  
2/23/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell16,487$277.43$4,573,988.41480View SEC Filing Icon  
2/18/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,301$293.88$14,782,457.882,309View SEC Filing Icon  
2/16/2021Mark W JenkinsCFOSell10,000$307.86$3,078,600.0033,516View SEC Filing Icon  
2/11/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell60,000$297.22$17,833,200.00969View SEC Filing Icon  
2/9/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell11,054$296.76$3,280,385.043,735View SEC Filing Icon  
2/4/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell100$290.83$29,083.00100View SEC Filing Icon  
2/2/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell34,653$283.26$9,815,808.788,230View SEC Filing Icon  
1/28/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell33,834$260.87$8,826,275.585,131View SEC Filing Icon  
1/26/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell20,699$273.07$5,652,275.93900View SEC Filing Icon  
1/21/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$272.92$13,646,000.00963View SEC Filing Icon  
1/19/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell3,458$287.59$994,486.22700View SEC Filing Icon  
1/14/2021Benjamin E HustonCOOSell10,000$298.28$2,982,800.0033,662View SEC Filing Icon  
1/14/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell60,000$297.96$17,877,600.00535View SEC Filing Icon  
1/12/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell24,141$289.47$6,988,095.278,468View SEC Filing Icon  
1/8/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$275.01$13,750,500.001,000View SEC Filing Icon  
1/5/2021Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell6,860$250.52$1,718,567.202,410View SEC Filing Icon  
12/29/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell40,000$247.32$9,892,800.00900View SEC Filing Icon  
12/24/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$274.57$13,728,500.00300View SEC Filing Icon  
12/22/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$285.70$14,285,000.001,100View SEC Filing Icon  
12/22/2020Mark W JenkinsCFOSell20,000$283.26$5,665,200.0043,820View SEC Filing Icon  
12/21/2020Benjamin E HustonCOOSell10,000$278.24$2,782,400.0043,828View SEC Filing Icon  
12/18/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$265.92$13,296,000.001,600View SEC Filing Icon  
12/17/2020Benjamin E HustonCOOSell9,700$269.84$2,617,448.0034,128View SEC Filing Icon  
12/17/2020Mark W JenkinsCFOSell8,559$269.44$2,306,136.9635,261View SEC Filing Icon  
12/16/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$257.86$12,893,000.001,800View SEC Filing Icon  
12/15/2020Benjamin E HustonCOOSell300$268.84$80,652.0034,128View SEC Filing Icon  
12/15/2020Mark W JenkinsCFOSell1,441$268.62$387,081.4235,261View SEC Filing Icon  
12/15/2020Michael E MarooneDirectorSell10,000$262.03$2,620,300.0024,560View SEC Filing Icon  
12/14/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell16,076$260.22$4,183,296.722,262View SEC Filing Icon  
12/11/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell50,000$260.24$13,012,000.001,500View SEC Filing Icon  
12/9/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell30,794$263.54$8,115,450.761,876View SEC Filing Icon  
12/8/2020Mark W JenkinsCFOSell10,000$259.35$2,593,500.0043,828View SEC Filing Icon  
12/7/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell22,715$257.56$5,850,475.401,100View SEC Filing Icon  
12/4/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell6,533$241.09$1,575,040.972,899View SEC Filing Icon  
12/2/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell2,000,000$239.20$478,400,000.002,000,000View SEC Filing Icon  
11/30/2020Benjamin E HustonCOOSell6,300$249.95$1,574,685.0037,742View SEC Filing Icon  
11/30/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell24,600$247.37$6,085,302.002,132View SEC Filing Icon  
11/30/2020Mark W JenkinsCFOSell1,889$249.85$471,966.6542,145View SEC Filing Icon  
11/27/2020Benjamin E HustonCOOSell3,700$250.00$925,000.0037,742View SEC Filing Icon  
11/27/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell30,000$248.12$7,443,600.00688View SEC Filing Icon  
11/27/2020Mark W JenkinsCFOSell8,111$249.72$2,025,478.9242,145View SEC Filing Icon  
11/25/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell30,000$237.15$7,114,500.00500View SEC Filing Icon  
11/23/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell30,000$239.86$7,195,800.001,200View SEC Filing Icon  
11/19/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell30,000$227.14$6,814,200.00800View SEC Filing Icon  
11/13/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell30,000$213.23$6,396,900.00900View SEC Filing Icon  
11/11/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell10,429$205.11$2,139,092.192,607View SEC Filing Icon  
11/6/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell12,432$208.83$2,596,174.563,707View SEC Filing Icon  
11/6/2020Paul W BreauxInsiderSell2,500$205.16$512,900.0031,529View SEC Filing Icon  
11/4/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell30,000$197.63$5,928,900.001,400View SEC Filing Icon  
11/2/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell30,000$185.17$5,555,100.00600View SEC Filing Icon  
10/30/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell900$211.49$190,341.00200View SEC Filing Icon  
10/15/2020Ryan S KeetonInsiderSell10,000$217.55$2,175,500.0025,670View SEC Filing Icon  
10/1/2020Mark W JenkinsCFOSell10,000$240.25$2,402,500.0020,909View SEC Filing Icon  
9/14/2020Ryan S KeetonInsiderSell10,000$172.45$1,724,500.0025,736View SEC Filing Icon  
9/1/2020Mark W JenkinsCFOSell10,000$230.50$2,305,000.0020,983View SEC Filing Icon  
9/1/2020Paul W BreauxInsiderSell7,500$224.00$1,680,000.0017,153View SEC Filing Icon  
8/7/2020Daniel J GillInsiderSell337,500$202.38$68,303,250.00347,245View SEC Filing Icon  
8/7/2020Ira J PlattDirectorSell71,000$210.94$14,976,740.0095,559View SEC Filing Icon  
8/7/2020Mark W JenkinsCFOSell190,000$202.60$38,494,000.00200,983View SEC Filing Icon  
4/1/2020Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderBuy555,556$45.00$25,000,020.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/19/2020Spruce House Partnership LlcMajor ShareholderSell1,000,000$29.41$29,410,000.00View SEC Filing Icon  
11/22/2019Benjamin E HustonCOOSell16,201$90.25$1,462,140.2511,728View SEC Filing Icon  
11/22/2019Mark W JenkinsCFOSell33,985$90.24$3,066,806.4011,720View SEC Filing Icon  
11/20/2019Benjamin E HustonCOOSell23,199$90.04$2,088,837.9611,728View SEC Filing Icon  
11/20/2019Mark W JenkinsCFOSell4,812$90.04$433,272.4811,720View SEC Filing Icon  
11/19/2019Ira J PlattDirectorSell734$87.50$64,225.0023,115View SEC Filing Icon  
9/5/2019Ira J PlattDirectorSell10,700$84.51$904,257.0033,082View SEC Filing Icon  
8/27/2019Ira J PlattDirectorSell1,300$84.50$109,850.0023,682View SEC Filing Icon  
8/21/2019Ira J PlattDirectorSell13,000$82.54$1,073,020.0035,382View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2019Mark W JenkinsCFOSell40,000$80.06$3,202,400.0052,049View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2019Paul W BreauxInsiderSell20,000$80.04$1,600,800.0030,497View SEC Filing Icon  
8/12/2019Ira J PlattDirectorSell14,000$79.58$1,114,120.0032,863View SEC Filing Icon  
8/9/2019Ira J PlattDirectorSell39,431$75.85$2,990,841.3532,863View SEC Filing Icon  
8/8/2019Ryan S KeetonInsiderSell28,930$71.18$2,059,237.4045,547View SEC Filing Icon  
7/10/2019Daniel J GillInsiderSell12,500$67.65$845,625.0010,683View SEC Filing Icon  
6/28/2019Paul W BreauxInsiderSell10,000$62.72$627,200.0010,628View SEC Filing Icon  
6/11/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell139,779$61.68$8,621,568.7252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
6/10/2019Benjamin E HustonCOOSell33,463$62.14$2,079,390.8212,197View SEC Filing Icon  
6/10/2019Mark W JenkinsCFOSell33,500$62.14$2,081,690.0012,197View SEC Filing Icon  
6/10/2019Ryan S KeetonInsiderSell9,000$62.13$559,170.0016,748View SEC Filing Icon  
6/7/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell172,357$62.96$10,851,596.7252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
6/6/2019Paul W BreauxInsiderSell12,500$59.05$738,125.0010,628View SEC Filing Icon  
6/5/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell132,975$60.55$8,051,636.2552,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/28/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell163,060$60.44$9,855,346.4052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/24/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell166,996$62.61$10,455,619.5652,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/22/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell394,663$66.24$26,142,477.1252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/20/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell113,082$67.19$7,597,979.5852,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/16/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell181,605$67.40$12,240,177.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/15/2019Paul W BreauxInsiderSell37,500$64.82$2,430,750.0048,194View SEC Filing Icon  
5/10/2019Benjamin E HustonCOOSell86,537$68.48$5,926,053.7698,809View SEC Filing Icon  
5/10/2019Daniel J GillInsiderSell75,753$68.56$5,193,625.6886,567View SEC Filing Icon  
5/10/2019Ira J PlattDirectorSell63,719$71.31$4,543,801.8982,101View SEC Filing Icon  
5/10/2019Mark W JenkinsCFOSell86,500$68.48$5,923,520.0098,772View SEC Filing Icon  
4/22/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell55,302$65.11$3,600,713.2252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/17/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell52,076$63.77$3,320,886.5252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/15/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell93,635$64.82$6,069,420.7052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/11/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell102,707$62.67$6,436,647.6952,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/9/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell77,683$59.27$4,604,271.4152,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/5/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell107,870$60.17$6,490,537.9052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/3/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell219,082$61.95$13,572,129.9052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/1/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell137,173$58.54$8,030,107.4252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/28/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell69,800$57.63$4,022,574.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/26/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell176,521$57.52$10,153,487.9252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/22/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell96,747$57.56$5,568,757.3252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/20/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell115,545$58.07$6,709,698.1552,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/18/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell145,513$56.39$8,205,478.0752,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/14/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell253,808$56.03$14,220,862.2452,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/12/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell248,010$52.70$13,070,127.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/8/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell170,023$49.98$8,497,749.5452,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/6/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell316,678$48.13$15,241,712.1452,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2019Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell307,419$45.16$13,883,042.0452,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
1/3/2019Spruce House Partnership LpMajor ShareholderBuy100,000$29.71$2,971,000.00View SEC Filing Icon  
12/19/2018Spruce House Partnership LpMajor ShareholderBuy630,000$33.84$21,319,200.00View SEC Filing Icon  
12/17/2018Spruce House Partnership LpMajor ShareholderBuy205,000$32.85$6,734,250.00View SEC Filing Icon  
11/29/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell114,274$47.47$5,424,586.7852,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/27/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell86,924$45.57$3,961,126.6852,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/26/2018Michael E MarooneDirectorBuy1,000$43.85$43,850.0030,000View SEC Filing Icon  
11/19/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell19,882$46.73$929,085.8652,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/15/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell91,662$46.18$4,232,951.1652,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/12/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell2,600$47.99$124,774.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/12/2018Michael E MarooneDirectorBuy20,000$44.46$889,200.0030,000View SEC Filing Icon  
11/9/2018Benjamin E HustonCOOSell13,000$50.07$650,910.0026,233View SEC Filing Icon  
11/9/2018Paul W BreauxInsiderSell7,000$50.05$350,350.0010,031View SEC Filing Icon  
11/7/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell191,396$45.40$8,689,378.4052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/2/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell86,254$45.60$3,933,182.4052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/16/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell69,977$45.23$3,165,059.7152,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/12/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell203,137$46.16$9,376,803.9252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/10/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell35,098$52.00$1,825,096.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/8/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell19,465$52.53$1,022,496.4552,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/4/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell99,092$53.84$5,335,113.2852,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/2/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell13,249$57.39$760,360.1152,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
9/17/2018Ddfs Partnership LpMajor ShareholderSell880,599$61.45$54,112,808.55View SEC Filing Icon  
9/13/2018Ddfs Partnership LpMajor ShareholderSell896,542$64.93$58,212,472.06View SEC Filing Icon  
9/11/2018Ddfs Partnership LpMajor ShareholderSell253,877$69.30$17,593,676.10View SEC Filing Icon  
5/14/2018Ernest C Garcia IIMajor ShareholderSell1,650,000$26.26$43,329,000.0060,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
See Full Table

SEC Filings (Institutional Ownership Changes) for Carvana (NYSE:CVNA)

48.41% of Carvana stock is owned by institutions. Institutional ownership can be a sign of analyst confidence in the fundamentals of the stock.

Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

Carvana Institutional Trading History

Reporting DateHedge FundShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
5/7/2021Advisors Asset Management Inc.13,296$3.49M0.1%+11.0%0.008%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021BlackRock Inc.3,915,017$1.03B0.0%+14.0%2.273%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021American International Group Inc.1,253$0.33M0.0%-10.7%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.7,946$2.09M0.0%+1.6%0.005%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021BNP Paribas Arbitrage SA16,252$4.27M0.0%-24.3%0.009%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021D.A. Davidson & CO.5,754$1.51M0.0%N/A0.003%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021Sowell Financial Services LLC439$0.12M0.0%-28.5%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021Swiss National Bank244,300$64.10M0.0%+3.5%0.142%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021The PNC Financial Services Group Inc.2,548$0.67M0.0%+4.9%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021Nippon Life Global Investors Americas Inc.50,970$13.38M0.7%-6.1%0.030%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management Company Ltd14,504$3.81M0.1%+310.8%0.008%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021Fifth Third Bancorp508$0.13M0.0%-81.5%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Arizona State Retirement System18,315$4.81M0.0%+2.2%0.011%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Edmonds Duncan Registered Investment Advisors LLC1,075$0.28M0.1%+7.8%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Blueshift Asset Management LLC16,399$4.30M0.4%+1,090.9%0.010%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Bellwether Advisors LLC2,813$0.74M0.3%+33.6%0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Rhumbline Advisers55,750$14.63M0.0%-4.1%0.032%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Sigma Planning Corp962$0.25M0.0%-38.0%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Allred Capital Management LLC281$74K0.0%N/A0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Prospera Financial Services Inc4,164$1.09M0.1%+3.6%0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Alliancebernstein L.P.31,600$8.29M0.0%-0.6%0.018%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Grandview Asset Management LLC1,000$25K0.3%N/A0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Baillie Gifford & Co.6,236,566$1.64B0.9%+7.4%3.620%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co. Ltd.57,193$15.01M0.1%+9.6%0.033%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Standard Life Aberdeen plc6,357$1.67M0.0%+153.9%0.004%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021M&T Bank Corp1,600$0.42M0.0%-6.9%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/5/2021Commerce Bank1,200$0.32M0.0%+12.1%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/5/2021Professional Financial Advisors LLC1,087$0.29M0.2%N/A0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/5/2021Los Angeles Capital Management LLC9,528$2.50M0.0%+518.7%0.006%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/5/2021IFM Investors Pty Ltd6,440$1.69M0.0%+7.0%0.004%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/5/2021Natixis Advisors L.P.18,423$4.83M0.0%-9.2%0.011%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/4/2021Envestnet Asset Management Inc.33,161$8.70M0.0%+174.5%0.019%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/4/2021Oak Ridge Investments LLC46,951$12.32M0.1%+1,829.0%0.027%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/4/2021Mount Yale Investment Advisors LLC1,531$0.40M0.1%N/A0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/4/2021Commonwealth Equity Services LLC2,781$0.73M0.0%+14.0%0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/4/2021Victory Capital Management Inc.4,764$1.25M0.0%-1.6%0.003%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/3/2021Great Lakes Advisors LLC787$0.21M0.0%N/A0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/3/2021Chartwell Investment Partners LLC7,629$2M0.1%-38.2%0.004%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/3/2021CNB Bank458$0.12M0.1%+60.7%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/3/2021Treasurer of the State of North Carolina21,670$5.69M0.0%+0.2%0.013%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/3/2021Daiwa Securities Group Inc.3,040$0.80M0.0%+9.0%0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/3/2021Raymond James Trust N.A.816$0.21M0.0%N/A0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/30/2021Tranquility Partners LLC820$0.22M0.1%N/A0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/30/2021Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc.197,283$51.77M0.0%-2.5%0.115%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/30/2021BRITISH COLUMBIA INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Corp10,376$2.72M0.0%-1.7%0.006%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/29/2021Financial Counselors Inc.5,737$1.51M0.0%+13.6%0.003%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/29/2021Handelsbanken Fonder AB16,707$4.38M0.0%+3.7%0.010%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/28/2021NN Investment Partners Holdings N.V.20,747$5.44M0.0%+167.7%0.012%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/28/2021JustInvest LLC1,446$0.38M0.1%+16.3%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/28/2021DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale11,316$2.90M0.0%+107.9%0.007%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/28/2021Comerica Bank1,697$0.47M0.0%-12.1%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/27/2021Janney Montgomery Scott LLC2,136$0.56M0.0%+4.7%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/27/2021AE Wealth Management LLC9,247$2.43M0.0%N/A0.005%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/27/2021State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D38,198$10.02M0.0%-2.5%0.022%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/27/2021Sumitomo Life Insurance Co.5,588$1.47M0.1%N/A0.003%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/27/2021Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Ltd.1,000$0.88M0.0%N/A0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/26/2021KBC Group NV7,564$1.99M0.0%+63.2%0.004%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/26/2021Cordatus Wealth Management LLC4,164$1.09M0.4%+3.6%0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/26/2021Assenagon Asset Management S.A.87,914$23.07M0.1%N/A0.051%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/23/2021Parallel Advisors LLC2,438$0.64M0.0%+2.7%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/23/2021Taylor Frigon Capital Management LLC23,928$6.28M1.9%-1.0%0.014%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/23/2021Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V.277$73K0.0%N/A0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/23/2021Pelham Capital Ltd.583,201$153.03M9.5%+1.0%0.339%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/23/2021Strs Ohio3,561$0.93M0.0%+7.5%0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/22/2021IBM Retirement Fund1,913$0.50M0.0%-6.2%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/21/2021Ingalls & Snyder LLC1,327$0.35M0.0%-10.5%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/21/2021BOKF NA5,388$1.41M0.0%N/A0.003%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/21/2021Elevated Capital Advisors LLC4,366$1.15M0.4%-1.8%0.003%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/20/2021Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund10,445$2.74M0.0%+0.5%0.006%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/20/2021Exchange Traded Concepts LLC2,806$0.74M0.0%+8.3%0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/19/2021Junson Asset Management Hong Kong Ltd12,000$3.33M1.4%N/A0.007%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/15/2021DnB Asset Management AS12,167$3.19M0.0%N/A0.007%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/14/2021FDx Advisors Inc.948$0.25M0.0%N/A0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/13/2021Cardan Capital Partners LLC14,413$3.78M0.5%+2.7%0.008%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/13/2021Royal London Asset Management Ltd.20,719$5.44M0.0%N/A0.012%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/13/2021Chicago Capital LLC111,323$29.21M1.2%-38.6%0.065%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/12/2021Carnegie Capital Asset Management LLC23,065$6.05M0.3%-41.5%0.013%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/12/2021HighPoint Advisor Group LLC3,069$0.83M0.1%+2.2%0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/9/2021EFG Asset Management Americas Corp.9,210$2.42M0.5%-28.8%0.005%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/9/2021NuWave Investment Management LLC394$0.10M0.1%-85.1%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/12/2021DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale5,443$1.38M0.0%N/A0.003%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/10/2021HM Payson & Co.670$0.16M0.0%-20.0%0.000%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/10/2021Los Angeles Capital Management LLC1,540$0.37M0.0%-18.8%0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/9/2021Amundi Pioneer Asset Management Inc.23,388$5.60M0.0%N/A0.014%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/8/2021B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. Holding AG950$0.24M0.0%N/A0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/8/2021Dimensional Fund Advisors LP65,530$15.70M0.0%+4.5%0.038%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/4/2021Eaton Vance Management2,698$0.65M0.0%N/A0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/2/2021Norges Bank504,257$120.79M0.0%N/A0.294%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/2/2021Livforsakringsbolaget Skandia Omsesidigt1,000$0.24M0.0%N/A0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/1/2021UBS Asset Management Americas Inc.154,794$37.08M0.0%+118.1%0.090%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/26/2021Avitas Wealth Management LLC3,123$0.75M0.2%+39.6%0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/25/2021Elevated Capital Advisors LLC4,448$1.07M0.5%+1.3%0.003%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/25/2021Dimensional Fund Advisors LP65,530$15.70M0.0%+4.5%0.038%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/25/2021Hsbc Holdings PLC9,764$2.35M0.0%+9.1%0.006%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/25/2021Interval Partners LP4,000$0.96M0.0%N/A0.002%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/24/2021Virtu Financial LLC4,457$1.07M0.1%N/A0.003%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/24/2021Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd Zurich6,012$1.44M0.0%+47.7%0.003%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/23/2021Principal Financial Group Inc.10,379$2.49M0.0%-8.7%0.006%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/19/2021Edmonds Duncan Registered Investment Advisors LLC997$0.30M0.1%N/A0.001%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/19/2021National Pension Service101,342$24.28M0.1%N/A0.059%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
Data available starting January 2016

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Carvana logo
Carvana Co., together with its subsidiaries, operates an e-commerce platform for buying and selling used cars in the United States. Its platform allows customers to research and identify a vehicle; inspect it using company's 360-degree vehicle imaging technology; obtain financing and warranty coverage; purchase the vehicle; and schedule delivery or pick-up from their desktop or mobile devices. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona.
Read More on Carvana

Today's Range

Now: $247.81

50 Day Range

MA: $272.17

52 Week Range

Now: $247.81


3,587,906 shs

Average Volume

1,435,720 shs

Market Capitalization

$42.69 billion

P/E Ratio


Dividend Yield




Who are the company insiders with the largest holdings of Carvana?

Carvana's top insider shareholders include:
  1. Ernest C Garcia II (Major Shareholder)
  2. Daniel J Gill (Insider)
  3. Mark W Jenkins (CFO)
  4. Benjamin E Huston (COO)
  5. Ira J Platt (Director)
  6. Paul W Breaux (Insider)
  7. Thomas Taira (Insider)
  8. Ryan S Keeton (Insider)
  9. Michael E Maroone (Director)
  10. Ernest C Garcia II (Major Shareholder)
  11. Spruce House Partnership Llc (Major Shareholder)

Who are the major institutional investors of Carvana?

Carvana's top institutional investors include:
  1. Baillie Gifford & Co. — 3.62%
  2. BlackRock Inc. — 2.27%
  3. Pelham Capital Ltd. — 0.34%
  4. Swiss National Bank — 0.14%
  5. Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. — 0.11%
  6. Chicago Capital LLC — 0.06%

Which major investors are selling Carvana stock?

In the previous quarter, CVNA stock was sold by these institutional investors:
  1. Chicago Capital LLC
  2. Carnegie Capital Asset Management LLC
  3. BNP Paribas Arbitrage SA
  4. Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc.
  5. Chartwell Investment Partners LLC
  6. EFG Asset Management Americas Corp.
  7. Nippon Life Global Investors Americas Inc.
  8. Rhumbline Advisers
Within the previous year, company insiders that have sold Carvana company stock include:
  1. Ernest C Garcia II (Major Shareholder)
  2. Daniel J Gill (Insider)
  3. Mark W Jenkins (CFO)
  4. Benjamin E Huston (COO)
  5. Ira J Platt (Director)
  6. Paul W Breaux (Insider)
  7. Thomas Taira (Insider)
  8. Ryan S Keeton (Insider)
  9. Michael E Maroone (Director)
  10. Ernest C Garcia II (Major Shareholder)

Which major investors are buying Carvana stock?

During the last quarter, CVNA stock was bought by institutional investors including:
  1. BlackRock Inc.
  2. Baillie Gifford & Co.
  3. Assenagon Asset Management S.A.
  4. Oak Ridge Investments LLC
  5. Envestnet Asset Management Inc.
  6. Royal London Asset Management Ltd.
  7. Blueshift Asset Management LLC
  8. NN Investment Partners Holdings N.V.
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