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Ernest C. Garcia II, insider at Carvana

Ernest C. Garcia II Insider Information

Major Shareholder of Carvana

Ernest Garcia II is an American businessman, the owner of DriveTime Automotive, and a major shareholder of Carvana, an online used car retailer. 

Garcia’s career began after he left the University of Arizona to become a stock broker, and later a real estate developer, in Phoenix and Tucson. Things took a turn in 1990, when he pled guilty to felony charges of bank fraud related to his dealings with the failing Lincoln Savings & Loan, operated by Charles Keating. 

Garcia spent three years on probation, and his firm filed for bankruptcy. He began to turn things around with the purchase of rental car chain, Ugly Duckling. After merging it with his startup finance company, he built a company that sells and finances used cars for buyers with questionable or poor credit histories. The company went public in 1996, but after share prices struggled, Garcia and Gregory Sullivan, the company’s former CEO, took it private and renamed it DriveTime in 2002. It has since become profitable. 

His son, Ernest Garcia III, joined DriveTime after graduating from Stanford University, and in 2012 he began building his company, Carvana, as a subsidiary. Carvana later spun off from DriveTime, and the Phoenix-based technology platform has become known as the “Amazon of cars.”

Not wanting to stain his son’s company with his controversial past, Garcia has not held a director or officer position in the business, but he has provided at least $100 million of funding. As a majority shareholder, he also holds significant voting power. Taking his son’s ownership and voting shares into account, the father-son duo retains full control of the company. 

What is Ernest C. Garcia II's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Ernest C. Garcia II is at least $2.41 million as of August 12th, 2021. Mr. Garcia II owns 7,479 shares of Carvana stock worth more than $2,408,163 as of September 27th. This net worth approximation does not reflect any other assets that Mr. Garcia II may own. Learn More.

How do I contact Ernest C. Garcia II?

The corporate mailing address for Mr. Garcia II and other Carvana executives is 1930 WEST RIO SALADO PARKWAY, TEMPE AZ, 85281. Carvana can also be reached via phone at (480) 719-8809 and via email at [email protected]

Has Ernest C. Garcia II been buying or selling shares of Carvana?

In the last ninety days, Ernest C. Garcia II has sold $281,082,680.00 in Carvana stock. Most recently, Ernest C. Garcia II sold 40,767 shares of the business's stock in a transaction on Monday, August 23rd. The shares were sold at an average price of $357.13, for a transaction totalling $14,559,118.71.

Who are Carvana's active insiders?

Carvana's insider roster includes Paul Breaux (Insider), Ernest Garcia II (Major Shareholder), Mark Jenkins (CFO), Ryan Keeton (CBO), and Thomas Taira (Insider).

Are insiders buying or selling shares of Carvana?

In the last twelve months, Carvana insiders bought shares 1 times. They purchased a total of 10,000 shares worth mmore than $281,500.00. In the last twelve months, insiders at the sold shares 148 times. They sold a total of 5,981,530 shares worth mmore than $1,609,974,708.43. The most recent insider tranaction occured on September, 17th when Gregory B Sullivan Director bought 2,500 shares worth more than $850,525.00. Insiders at Carvana own 10.7 % of the company.

Information on this page was last updated on 9/17/2021.

Ernest C. Garcia II Insider Trading History at Carvana

Transaction DateBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionShares Held After TransactionDetails
8/23/2021Sell40,767$357.13$14,559,118.71View SEC Filing Icon  
8/20/2021Sell60,000$348.63$20,917,800.00View SEC Filing Icon  
8/18/2021Sell18,081$351.94$6,363,427.14View SEC Filing Icon  
8/16/2021Sell60,000$359.17$21,550,200.00View SEC Filing Icon  
8/12/2021Sell60,000$360.12$21,607,200.007,479View SEC Filing Icon  
8/9/2021Sell29,751$355.01$10,561,902.51View SEC Filing Icon  
8/5/2021Sell60,000$334.68$20,080,800.00View SEC Filing Icon  
8/3/2021Sell60,000$332.26$19,935,600.001,775View SEC Filing Icon  
7/30/2021Sell60,000$336.90$20,214,000.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/28/2021Sell60,000$339.93$20,395,800.001,267View SEC Filing Icon  
7/26/2021Sell60,000$337.08$20,224,800.005,208View SEC Filing Icon  
7/22/2021Sell60,000$334.90$20,094,000.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/20/2021Sell25,541$325.29$8,308,231.89View SEC Filing Icon  
7/14/2021Sell60,000$318.06$19,083,600.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/6/2021Sell60,000$315.04$18,902,400.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/1/2021Sell60,000$304.73$18,283,800.001,600View SEC Filing Icon  
6/28/2021Sell60,000$305.82$18,349,200.00600View SEC Filing Icon  
6/25/2021Sell60,000$301.43$18,085,800.009,045View SEC Filing Icon  
6/23/2021Sell60,000$311.71$18,702,600.005,125View SEC Filing Icon  
6/21/2021Sell50,000$294.80$14,740,000.002,400View SEC Filing Icon  
6/18/2021Sell50,000$292.77$14,638,500.00800View SEC Filing Icon  
6/16/2021Sell50,000$278.32$13,916,000.00900View SEC Filing Icon  
6/14/2021Sell50,000$278.32$13,916,000.001,700View SEC Filing Icon  
6/10/2021Sell50,000$266.41$13,320,500.003,600View SEC Filing Icon  
6/8/2021Sell50,000$276.68$13,834,000.002,900View SEC Filing Icon  
6/4/2021Sell50,000$275.74$13,787,000.005,373View SEC Filing Icon  
6/2/2021Sell50,000$276.71$13,835,500.001,500View SEC Filing Icon  
5/28/2021Sell50,000$266.36$13,318,000.008,455View SEC Filing Icon  
5/26/2021Sell50,000$257.92$12,896,000.005,296View SEC Filing Icon  
5/24/2021Sell40,000$253.96$10,158,400.00500View SEC Filing Icon  
5/20/2021Sell11,997$240.73$2,888,037.814,050View SEC Filing Icon  
5/18/2021Sell40,000$227.26$9,090,400.004,270View SEC Filing Icon  
5/14/2021Sell40,000$234.90$9,396,000.001,200View SEC Filing Icon  
5/11/2021Sell5,799$243.94$1,414,608.063,600View SEC Filing Icon  
5/7/2021Sell16,250$259.86$4,222,725.003,295View SEC Filing Icon  
5/5/2021Sell23,992$284.39$6,823,084.881,433View SEC Filing Icon  
5/3/2021Sell50,000$293.65$14,682,500.002,548View SEC Filing Icon  
4/30/2021Sell50,000$285.30$14,265,000.006,300View SEC Filing Icon  
4/26/2021Sell29,401$293.38$8,625,665.385,738View SEC Filing Icon  
4/23/2021Sell13,725$274.98$3,774,100.501,851View SEC Filing Icon  
4/21/2021Sell13,557$268.49$3,639,918.93200View SEC Filing Icon  
4/19/2021Sell50,000$274.09$13,704,500.002,100View SEC Filing Icon  
4/14/2021Sell17,772$279.10$4,960,165.2011,708View SEC Filing Icon  
4/12/2021Sell50,000$265.59$13,279,500.003,400View SEC Filing Icon  
4/9/2021Sell50,000$268.82$13,441,000.003,106View SEC Filing Icon  
4/7/2021Sell50,000$271.46$13,573,000.005,465View SEC Filing Icon  
4/5/2021Sell50,000$264.71$13,235,500.001,300View SEC Filing Icon  
3/31/2021Sell50,000$262.94$13,147,000.005,924View SEC Filing Icon  
3/29/2021Sell2,790$258.73$721,856.70490View SEC Filing Icon  
3/25/2021Sell16,155$255.12$4,121,463.601,200View SEC Filing Icon  
3/23/2021Sell50,000$277.70$13,885,000.001,008View SEC Filing Icon  
3/18/2021Sell29,599$276.37$8,180,275.635,840View SEC Filing Icon  
3/16/2021Sell13,617$290.23$3,952,061.917,372View SEC Filing Icon  
3/12/2021Sell32,150$267.96$8,614,914.002,920View SEC Filing Icon  
3/10/2021Sell5,856$271.00$1,586,976.002,100View SEC Filing Icon  
3/8/2021Sell28,925$258.49$7,476,823.251,100View SEC Filing Icon  
3/3/2021Sell1,610$310.66$500,162.60200View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2021Sell34,702$307.76$10,679,887.523,181View SEC Filing Icon  
2/25/2021Sell4,534$286.39$1,298,492.261,103View SEC Filing Icon  
2/23/2021Sell16,487$277.43$4,573,988.41480View SEC Filing Icon  
2/18/2021Sell50,301$293.88$14,782,457.882,309View SEC Filing Icon  
2/11/2021Sell60,000$297.22$17,833,200.00969View SEC Filing Icon  
2/9/2021Sell11,054$296.76$3,280,385.043,735View SEC Filing Icon  
2/4/2021Sell100$290.83$29,083.00100View SEC Filing Icon  
2/2/2021Sell34,653$283.26$9,815,808.788,230View SEC Filing Icon  
1/28/2021Sell33,834$260.87$8,826,275.585,131View SEC Filing Icon  
1/26/2021Sell20,699$273.07$5,652,275.93900View SEC Filing Icon  
1/21/2021Sell50,000$272.92$13,646,000.00963View SEC Filing Icon  
1/19/2021Sell3,458$287.59$994,486.22700View SEC Filing Icon  
1/14/2021Sell60,000$297.96$17,877,600.00535View SEC Filing Icon  
1/12/2021Sell24,141$289.47$6,988,095.278,468View SEC Filing Icon  
1/8/2021Sell50,000$275.01$13,750,500.001,000View SEC Filing Icon  
1/5/2021Sell6,860$250.52$1,718,567.202,410View SEC Filing Icon  
12/29/2020Sell40,000$247.32$9,892,800.00900View SEC Filing Icon  
12/24/2020Sell50,000$274.57$13,728,500.00300View SEC Filing Icon  
12/22/2020Sell50,000$285.70$14,285,000.001,100View SEC Filing Icon  
12/18/2020Sell50,000$265.92$13,296,000.001,600View SEC Filing Icon  
12/16/2020Sell50,000$257.86$12,893,000.001,800View SEC Filing Icon  
12/14/2020Sell16,076$260.22$4,183,296.722,262View SEC Filing Icon  
12/11/2020Sell50,000$260.24$13,012,000.001,500View SEC Filing Icon  
12/9/2020Sell30,794$263.54$8,115,450.761,876View SEC Filing Icon  
12/7/2020Sell22,715$257.56$5,850,475.401,100View SEC Filing Icon  
12/4/2020Sell6,533$241.09$1,575,040.972,899View SEC Filing Icon  
12/2/2020Sell2,000,000$239.20$478,400,000.002,000,000View SEC Filing Icon  
11/30/2020Sell24,600$247.37$6,085,302.002,132View SEC Filing Icon  
11/27/2020Sell30,000$248.12$7,443,600.00688View SEC Filing Icon  
11/25/2020Sell30,000$237.15$7,114,500.00500View SEC Filing Icon  
11/23/2020Sell30,000$239.86$7,195,800.001,200View SEC Filing Icon  
11/19/2020Sell30,000$227.14$6,814,200.00800View SEC Filing Icon  
11/13/2020Sell30,000$213.23$6,396,900.00900View SEC Filing Icon  
11/11/2020Sell10,429$205.11$2,139,092.192,607View SEC Filing Icon  
11/6/2020Sell12,432$208.83$2,596,174.563,707View SEC Filing Icon  
11/4/2020Sell30,000$197.63$5,928,900.001,400View SEC Filing Icon  
11/2/2020Sell30,000$185.17$5,555,100.00600View SEC Filing Icon  
10/30/2020Sell900$211.49$190,341.00200View SEC Filing Icon  
4/1/2020Buy555,556$45.00$25,000,020.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
6/11/2019Sell139,779$61.68$8,621,568.7252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
6/7/2019Sell172,357$62.96$10,851,596.7252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
6/5/2019Sell132,975$60.55$8,051,636.2552,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/28/2019Sell163,060$60.44$9,855,346.4052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/24/2019Sell166,996$62.61$10,455,619.5652,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/22/2019Sell394,663$66.24$26,142,477.1252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/20/2019Sell113,082$67.19$7,597,979.5852,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/16/2019Sell181,605$67.40$12,240,177.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/22/2019Sell55,302$65.11$3,600,713.2252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/17/2019Sell52,076$63.77$3,320,886.5252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/15/2019Sell93,635$64.82$6,069,420.7052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/11/2019Sell102,707$62.67$6,436,647.6952,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/9/2019Sell77,683$59.27$4,604,271.4152,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/5/2019Sell107,870$60.17$6,490,537.9052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/3/2019Sell219,082$61.95$13,572,129.9052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
4/1/2019Sell137,173$58.54$8,030,107.4252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/28/2019Sell69,800$57.63$4,022,574.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/26/2019Sell176,521$57.52$10,153,487.9252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/22/2019Sell96,747$57.56$5,568,757.3252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/20/2019Sell115,545$58.07$6,709,698.1552,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/18/2019Sell145,513$56.39$8,205,478.0752,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/14/2019Sell253,808$56.03$14,220,862.2452,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/12/2019Sell248,010$52.70$13,070,127.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/8/2019Sell170,023$49.98$8,497,749.5452,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/6/2019Sell316,678$48.13$15,241,712.1452,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2019Sell307,419$45.16$13,883,042.0452,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/29/2018Sell114,274$47.47$5,424,586.7852,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/27/2018Sell86,924$45.57$3,961,126.6852,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/19/2018Sell19,882$46.73$929,085.8652,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/15/2018Sell91,662$46.18$4,232,951.1652,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/12/2018Sell2,600$47.99$124,774.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/7/2018Sell191,396$45.40$8,689,378.4052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
11/2/2018Sell86,254$45.60$3,933,182.4052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/16/2018Sell69,977$45.23$3,165,059.7152,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/12/2018Sell203,137$46.16$9,376,803.9252,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/10/2018Sell35,098$52.00$1,825,096.0052,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/8/2018Sell19,465$52.53$1,022,496.4552,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/4/2018Sell99,092$53.84$5,335,113.2852,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
10/2/2018Sell13,249$57.39$760,360.1152,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/14/2018Sell1,650,000$26.26$43,329,000.0060,937,458View SEC Filing Icon  
5/4/2017Buy164,517$8.20$1,349,039.40View SEC Filing Icon  
5/3/2017Buy1,500,000$13.73$20,595,000.00View SEC Filing Icon  
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Ernest C. Garcia II Buying and Selling Activity at Carvana

This chart shows Ernest C Garcia II's buying and selling at Carvana by year and by quarter.

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Carvana Company Overview

Carvana logo
Carvana Co. is a holding company and an eCommerce platform, which engages in the buying of used cars and provision of different and convenient car buying experience. It operates through the following segments: Vehicle Sales; Wholesale Vehicle Sales; and Other Sales and Revenue. The Vehicle Sales segment consists of used vehicle to customers through website. The Wholesale Vehicle Sales segment comprises of the proceeds from vehicles sold to wholesalers. The Other Sales and Revenue segment composes of sales of automotive finance receivable originate and sell to third parties. The company was founded by Ernest Garcia, III, Benjamin Huston and Ryan Keeton in 2012 and is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.
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Today's Range

Now: $321.99
Low: $315.56
High: $324.38

50 Day Range

MA: $337.85
Low: $311.04
High: $370.10

2 Week Range

Now: $321.99
Low: $179.24
High: $376.83


595,800 shs

Average Volume

1,364,039 shs

Market Capitalization

$55.57 billion

P/E Ratio


Dividend Yield



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