Thomas Frank Biography and Net Worth

Thomas Frank is the executive vice president and CIO of Timber Hill LLC, an organization he joined in 1985 as a software developer. 

Frank joined Timber Hill immediately after receiving his Ph.D. from MIT, and he helped to spearhead the development of software for risk management and trading systems, as well as automated pricing. He became vice president in 1990 and worked to orchestrate the adoption of hand-held computers on trading floors, the delivery of high-ending trading tools to a variety of traders and investors, and fully electronic trading systems. In his current role as executive vice president and CIO, Frank concentrates on the development of brokerage systems. 

Frank spent his first 12 years at MIT working towards his undergraduate degree and Ph.D., the first of which he received in 1977 and the second in 1985. The majority of his time at the institution was spent building analysis software and experimental instruments. He was also invited to spend two years at the renowned Fermilab physics research facility in Batavia, IL. 

Inspired by his experience at MIT, Frank and other members of the Patrons of Physics Fellows have made it their goal to ensure that most first-year students at MIT can focus on choosing a path of study rather than working as a teaching or research assistant thanks to monetary donations made by Frank and his fellow patrons. 

He currently serves as a member of OCC’s board of directors, serving on both the risk committee and the technology committee. He still calls Boston home, and often visits the MIT campus to attend physics lectures and events. He also serves as a member of the Physics Visiting Committee. 

What is Thomas Aj Frank's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Thomas Aj Frank is at least $49.24 million as of October 16th, 2023. Mr. Frank owns 641,312 shares of Interactive Brokers Group stock worth more than $49,239,935 as of November 29th. This net worth evaluation does not reflect any other assets that Mr. Frank may own. Additionally, Mr. Frank receives a salary of $1,320,000.00 as Insider at Interactive Brokers Group. Learn More about Thomas Aj Frank's net worth.

How old is Thomas Aj Frank?

Mr. Frank is currently 67 years old. There are 4 older executives and no younger executives at Interactive Brokers Group. Learn More on Thomas Aj Frank's age.

What is Thomas Aj Frank's salary?

As the Insider of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc., Mr. Frank earns $1,320,000.00 per year. There are 2 executives that earn more than Mr. Frank. The highest earning executive at Interactive Brokers Group is Mr. Milan Galik, President, CEO & Director, who commands a salary of $4,000,000.00 per year. Learn More on Thomas Aj Frank's salary.

How do I contact Thomas Aj Frank?

The corporate mailing address for Mr. Frank and other Interactive Brokers Group executives is ONE PICKWICK PLAZA, GREENWICH CT, 06830. Interactive Brokers Group can also be reached via phone at (203) 618-5800. Learn More on Thomas Aj Frank's contact information.

Has Thomas Aj Frank been buying or selling shares of Interactive Brokers Group?

During the last quarter, Thomas Aj Frank has sold $8,176,810.52 of Interactive Brokers Group stock. Most recently, Thomas Aj Frank sold 13,188 shares of the business's stock in a transaction on Monday, October 16th. The shares were sold at an average price of $86.34, for a transaction totalling $1,138,651.92. Following the completion of the sale, the insider now directly owns 641,312 shares of the company's stock, valued at $55,370,878.08. Learn More on Thomas Aj Frank's trading history.

Who are Interactive Brokers Group's active insiders?

Interactive Brokers Group's insider roster includes Paul Brody (CFO), Thomas Frank (Insider), Denis Mendonca (CAO), Earl Nemser (Vice Chairman), Thomas Peterffy (Chairman), and Philip Uhde (Director). Learn More on Interactive Brokers Group's active insiders.

Are insiders buying or selling shares of Interactive Brokers Group?

In the last twelve months, insiders at the financial services provider sold shares 54 times. They sold a total of 885,301 shares worth more than $74,822,187.58. The most recent insider tranaction occured on November, 6th when CFO Paul Jonathan Brody sold 9,200 shares worth more than $738,484.00. Insiders at Interactive Brokers Group own 3.3% of the company. Learn More about insider trades at Interactive Brokers Group.

Information on this page was last updated on 11/6/2023.

Thomas Aj Frank Insider Trading History at Interactive Brokers Group

Transaction DateBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionShares Held After TransactionDetails
10/16/2023Sell13,188$86.34$1,138,651.92641,312View SEC Filing Icon  
10/13/2023Sell13,188$85.22$1,123,881.36654,500View SEC Filing Icon  
10/11/2023Sell12,827$87.44$1,121,592.88680,876View SEC Filing Icon  
10/9/2023Sell13,189$88.84$1,171,710.76706,891View SEC Filing Icon  
10/6/2023Sell15,024$89.47$1,344,197.28720,080View SEC Filing Icon  
10/4/2023Sell13,188$86.52$1,141,025.76748,202View SEC Filing Icon  
10/2/2023Sell13,188$86.12$1,135,750.56774,398View SEC Filing Icon  
9/29/2023Sell13,188$86.88$1,145,773.44787,586View SEC Filing Icon  
9/27/2023Sell13,188$87.68$1,156,323.84813,962View SEC Filing Icon  
9/25/2023Sell13,188$87.80$1,157,906.40840,248View SEC Filing Icon  
9/22/2023Sell12,827$88.30$1,132,624.10853,436View SEC Filing Icon  
9/20/2023Sell26,348$90.09$2,373,691.32881,670View SEC Filing Icon  
9/18/2023Sell25,987$90.64$2,355,461.68922,124View SEC Filing Icon  
9/15/2023Sell26,348$91.82$2,419,273.36948,111View SEC Filing Icon  
9/13/2023Sell21,246$92.47$1,964,617.62988,054View SEC Filing Icon  
9/11/2023Sell20,593$94.61$1,948,303.731,041,275View SEC Filing Icon  
11/22/2022Sell19,600$76.79$1,505,084.0053,247View SEC Filing Icon  
11/8/2022Sell20,000$80.35$1,607,000.00249,847View SEC Filing Icon  
1/12/2022Sell15,976$77.31$1,235,104.56View SEC Filing Icon  
1/10/2022Sell16,055$75.75$1,216,166.25View SEC Filing Icon  
1/7/2022Sell16,842$77.23$1,300,707.66View SEC Filing Icon  
1/5/2022Sell16,841$77.97$1,313,092.77View SEC Filing Icon  
1/3/2022Sell16,606$78.84$1,309,217.04View SEC Filing Icon  
12/29/2021Sell16,842$81.03$1,364,707.26View SEC Filing Icon  
12/27/2021Sell16,842$80.38$1,353,759.96View SEC Filing Icon  
12/22/2021Sell16,842$77.94$1,312,665.48View SEC Filing Icon  
12/20/2021Sell16,841$74.86$1,260,717.26View SEC Filing Icon  
12/17/2021Sell16,842$77.83$1,310,812.86View SEC Filing Icon  
12/15/2021Sell16,291$75.81$1,235,020.71View SEC Filing Icon  
12/13/2021Sell16,291$75.54$1,230,622.14View SEC Filing Icon  
12/10/2021Sell16,842$75.93$1,278,813.06View SEC Filing Icon  
12/8/2021Sell16,370$76.88$1,258,525.60View SEC Filing Icon  
12/6/2021Sell14,874$75.66$1,125,366.84View SEC Filing Icon  
12/3/2021Sell15,504$74.91$1,161,404.64View SEC Filing Icon  
12/1/2021Sell16,842$75.69$1,274,770.98View SEC Filing Icon  
11/29/2021Sell16,842$75.15$1,265,676.30View SEC Filing Icon  
11/26/2021Sell8,735$74.64$651,980.40View SEC Filing Icon  
11/24/2021Sell16,842$77.48$1,304,918.16View SEC Filing Icon  
11/22/2021Sell16,291$76.24$1,242,025.84View SEC Filing Icon  
11/19/2021Sell16,842$74.74$1,258,771.08View SEC Filing Icon  
11/17/2021Sell16,842$73.86$1,243,950.12View SEC Filing Icon  
11/15/2021Sell16,291$74.34$1,211,072.94View SEC Filing Icon  
11/12/2021Sell16,842$72.89$1,227,613.38View SEC Filing Icon  
11/8/2021Sell16,842$73.61$1,239,739.62View SEC Filing Icon  
11/5/2021Sell16,369$74.62$1,221,454.78View SEC Filing Icon  
11/3/2021Sell16,842$75.64$1,273,928.88View SEC Filing Icon  
11/1/2021Sell18,573$72.83$1,352,671.59View SEC Filing Icon  
10/29/2021Sell18,573$70.61$1,311,439.53View SEC Filing Icon  
10/27/2021Sell18,573$71.86$1,334,655.78View SEC Filing Icon  
10/25/2021Sell17,943$74.47$1,336,215.21View SEC Filing Icon  
10/22/2021Sell17,865$74.18$1,325,225.70View SEC Filing Icon  
10/20/2021Sell17,314$74.32$1,286,776.48View SEC Filing Icon  
10/18/2021Sell18,573$72.01$1,337,441.73View SEC Filing Icon  
10/15/2021Sell17,786$71.50$1,271,699.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/13/2021Sell18,574$71.59$1,329,712.66View SEC Filing Icon  
10/11/2021Sell18,573$71.99$1,337,070.27View SEC Filing Icon  
10/6/2021Sell18,573$68.21$1,266,864.33View SEC Filing Icon  
10/4/2021Sell18,573$64.25$1,193,315.25View SEC Filing Icon  
10/1/2021Sell18,573$63.84$1,185,700.32View SEC Filing Icon  
9/29/2021Sell18,574$64.93$1,206,009.82View SEC Filing Icon  
9/27/2021Sell18,259$64.77$1,182,635.43View SEC Filing Icon  
9/24/2021Sell18,573$62.55$1,161,741.15View SEC Filing Icon  
9/22/2021Sell18,416$60.20$1,108,643.20View SEC Filing Icon  
9/20/2021Sell17,782$59.42$1,056,606.44View SEC Filing Icon  
9/17/2021Sell18,573$61.66$1,145,211.18View SEC Filing Icon  
9/13/2021Sell17,865$62.46$1,115,847.90View SEC Filing Icon  
9/9/2021Sell18,573$63.37$1,176,971.01View SEC Filing Icon  
8/23/2021Sell18,573$62.38$1,158,583.74View SEC Filing Icon  
8/20/2021Sell18,180$61.68$1,121,342.40View SEC Filing Icon  
8/18/2021Sell18,416$62.09$1,143,449.44View SEC Filing Icon  
8/16/2021Sell18,573$62.38$1,158,583.74View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2021Sell18,574$63.04$1,170,904.96View SEC Filing Icon  
8/11/2021Sell18,573$63.67$1,182,542.91View SEC Filing Icon  
8/5/2021Sell18,258$62.33$1,138,021.14View SEC Filing Icon  
8/3/2021Sell17,786$61.48$1,093,483.28View SEC Filing Icon  
3/15/2021Sell11,546$78.06$901,280.76View SEC Filing Icon  
3/12/2021Sell33,453$78.44$2,624,053.32View SEC Filing Icon  
3/10/2021Sell33,179$78.93$2,618,818.47View SEC Filing Icon  
3/8/2021Sell33,451$76.04$2,543,614.04View SEC Filing Icon  
3/4/2021Sell33,453$74.45$2,490,575.85View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2021Sell33,451$76.12$2,546,290.12View SEC Filing Icon  
2/26/2021Sell33,452$73.06$2,444,003.12View SEC Filing Icon  
2/16/2021Sell33,455$74.94$2,507,117.70View SEC Filing Icon  
2/11/2021Sell33,092$71.09$2,352,510.28View SEC Filing Icon  
2/9/2021Sell32,274$72.90$2,352,774.60View SEC Filing Icon  
2/3/2021Sell33,455$68.44$2,289,660.20View SEC Filing Icon  
1/21/2021Sell18,008$68.37$1,231,206.96View SEC Filing Icon  
1/19/2021Sell18,337$69.88$1,281,389.56View SEC Filing Icon  
1/15/2021Sell18,337$68.52$1,256,451.24View SEC Filing Icon  
1/13/2021Sell18,090$69.83$1,263,224.70View SEC Filing Icon  
1/11/2021Sell18,255$68.68$1,253,753.40View SEC Filing Icon  
1/8/2021Sell36,509$69.61$2,541,391.49View SEC Filing Icon  
1/6/2021Sell36,345$64.68$2,350,794.60View SEC Filing Icon  
1/4/2021Sell36,674$60.83$2,230,879.42View SEC Filing Icon  
12/30/2020Sell18,172$60.76$1,104,130.72View SEC Filing Icon  
12/28/2020Sell27,559$61.57$1,696,807.63View SEC Filing Icon  
12/23/2020Sell17,566$60.89$1,069,593.74View SEC Filing Icon  
12/21/2020Sell18,183$58.13$1,056,977.79View SEC Filing Icon  
12/18/2020Sell18,337$59.54$1,091,784.98View SEC Filing Icon  
12/16/2020Sell17,678$57.51$1,016,661.78View SEC Filing Icon  
12/14/2020Sell17,349$54.55$946,387.95View SEC Filing Icon  
12/11/2020Sell18,337$54.84$1,005,601.08View SEC Filing Icon  
12/9/2020Sell35,702$54.57$1,948,258.14View SEC Filing Icon  
12/7/2020Sell35,363$54.51$1,927,637.13View SEC Filing Icon  
12/3/2020Sell17,720$54.56$966,803.20View SEC Filing Icon  
12/1/2020Sell36,272$53.29$1,932,934.88View SEC Filing Icon  
11/27/2020Sell10,175$53.79$547,313.25View SEC Filing Icon  
11/25/2020Sell17,843$52.61$938,720.23View SEC Filing Icon  
11/23/2020Sell17,843$53.14$948,177.02View SEC Filing Icon  
11/20/2020Sell18,337$53.17$974,978.29View SEC Filing Icon  
11/18/2020Sell17,792$53.86$958,277.12View SEC Filing Icon  
11/16/2020Sell36,432$53.58$1,952,026.56View SEC Filing Icon  
11/9/2020Sell14,712$50.05$736,335.60View SEC Filing Icon  
11/6/2020Sell16,466$48.97$806,340.02View SEC Filing Icon  
11/3/2020Sell8,150$48.81$397,801.50View SEC Filing Icon  
12/3/2018Sell564$62.00$34,968.00View SEC Filing Icon  
9/5/2018Sell29,840$62.49$1,864,701.60View SEC Filing Icon  
8/30/2018Sell24,756$62.11$1,537,595.16View SEC Filing Icon  
8/28/2018Sell54,972$62.17$3,417,609.24View SEC Filing Icon  
8/21/2018Sell28,776$62.11$1,787,277.36View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2018Sell30,951$62.05$1,920,509.55View SEC Filing Icon  
8/9/2018Sell7,812$62.02$484,500.24View SEC Filing Icon  
11/7/2017Sell54,903$54.21$2,976,291.63View SEC Filing Icon  
11/3/2017Sell35,977$53.83$1,936,641.91View SEC Filing Icon  
11/1/2017Sell73,265$53.90$3,948,983.50View SEC Filing Icon  
10/30/2017Sell44,784$53.23$2,383,852.32View SEC Filing Icon  
10/26/2017Sell29,764$51.52$1,533,441.28View SEC Filing Icon  
10/24/2017Sell32,670$50.59$1,652,775.30View SEC Filing Icon  
10/20/2017Sell33,700$49.38$1,664,106.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/18/2017Sell33,700$48.63$1,638,831.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/16/2017Sell33,615$47.57$1,599,065.55View SEC Filing Icon  
10/12/2017Sell32,772$47.75$1,564,863.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/11/2017Sell16,109$47.65$767,593.85View SEC Filing Icon  
10/10/2017Sell32,977$47.43$1,564,099.11View SEC Filing Icon  
10/9/2017Sell16,127$47.63$768,129.01View SEC Filing Icon  
10/6/2017Sell33,266$47.53$1,581,132.98View SEC Filing Icon  
10/4/2017Sell33,105$47.10$1,559,245.50View SEC Filing Icon  
10/2/2017Sell32,951$45.23$1,490,373.73View SEC Filing Icon  
9/28/2017Sell32,909$44.52$1,465,108.68View SEC Filing Icon  
9/27/2017Sell16,340$44.25$723,045.00View SEC Filing Icon  
9/26/2017Sell31,453$43.91$1,381,101.23View SEC Filing Icon  
9/25/2017Sell15,488$44.09$682,865.92View SEC Filing Icon  
9/22/2017Sell32,730$43.58$1,426,373.40View SEC Filing Icon  
9/20/2017Sell32,543$43.46$1,414,318.78View SEC Filing Icon  
9/18/2017Sell25,268$42.43$1,072,121.24View SEC Filing Icon  
9/14/2017Sell16,666$41.94$698,972.04View SEC Filing Icon  
9/12/2017Sell16,836$41.90$705,428.40View SEC Filing Icon  
9/8/2017Sell16,240$41.39$672,173.60View SEC Filing Icon  
9/6/2017Sell20,218$41.99$848,953.82View SEC Filing Icon  
9/1/2017Sell25,098$42.09$1,056,374.82View SEC Filing Icon  
8/30/2017Sell16,240$41.63$676,071.20View SEC Filing Icon  
8/28/2017Sell19,588$42.29$828,376.52View SEC Filing Icon  
8/24/2017Sell16,241$41.72$677,574.52View SEC Filing Icon  
8/22/2017Sell16,496$40.94$675,346.24View SEC Filing Icon  
8/18/2017Sell16,495$40.77$672,501.15View SEC Filing Icon  
8/16/2017Sell16,836$41.36$696,336.96View SEC Filing Icon  
8/14/2017Sell8,418$41.26$347,326.68View SEC Filing Icon  
8/11/2017Sell16,241$40.61$659,547.01View SEC Filing Icon  
8/9/2017Sell16,751$40.30$675,065.30View SEC Filing Icon  
8/7/2017Sell16,071$40.54$651,518.34View SEC Filing Icon  
8/3/2017Sell16,580$40.42$670,163.60View SEC Filing Icon  
11/12/2015Sell5,584$42.16$235,421.44View SEC Filing Icon  
11/3/2015Sell13,024$42.34$551,436.16View SEC Filing Icon  
10/28/2015Sell12,789$40.03$511,943.67View SEC Filing Icon  
10/20/2015Sell12,537$40.00$501,480.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/14/2015Sell12,880$37.81$486,992.80View SEC Filing Icon  
10/9/2015Sell12,970$39.37$510,628.90View SEC Filing Icon  
10/7/2015Sell13,024$39.28$511,582.72View SEC Filing Icon  
9/29/2015Sell12,501$38.45$480,663.45View SEC Filing Icon  
9/23/2015Sell13,024$39.09$509,108.16View SEC Filing Icon  
9/21/2015Sell12,970$39.02$506,089.40View SEC Filing Icon  
9/17/2015Sell13,024$39.36$512,624.64View SEC Filing Icon  
9/15/2015Sell12,880$38.27$492,917.60View SEC Filing Icon  
9/9/2015Sell12,826$38.35$491,877.10View SEC Filing Icon  
9/4/2015Sell12,974$37.57$487,433.18View SEC Filing Icon  
8/31/2015Sell12,573$39.77$500,028.21View SEC Filing Icon  
8/27/2015Sell12,753$38.25$487,802.25View SEC Filing Icon  
8/21/2015Sell13,025$39.94$520,218.50View SEC Filing Icon  
8/17/2015Sell12,807$41.98$537,637.86View SEC Filing Icon  
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Thomas Aj Frank Buying and Selling Activity at Interactive Brokers Group

This chart shows Thomas Aj Frank's buying and selling at Interactive Brokers Group by year and by quarter.

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Interactive Brokers Group Company Overview

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Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. operates as an automated electronic broker worldwide. The company specializes in routing, executing, and processing trades in stocks, options, futures, foreign exchange instruments, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), metals, and cryptocurrencies. It also custodies and services accounts for hedge and mutual funds, ETFs, registered investment advisors, proprietary trading groups, introducing brokers, and individual investors. In addition, it offers custody, prime brokerage, securities, and margin lending services. The company serves institutional and individual customers through approximately 150 electronic exchanges and market centers. Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut.
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Today's Range

Now: $76.78
Low: $72.60
High: $77.28

50 Day Range

MA: $82.84
Low: $76.41
High: $89.67

2 Week Range

Now: $76.78
Low: $68.23
High: $95.59


2,419,528 shs

Average Volume

1,030,802 shs

Market Capitalization

$32.32 billion

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