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Biden Set To Trigger Major Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar
The U.S. dollar is in free fall and many analysts are predicting the crash will continue under President Biden.

Banks across the country are already preparing. The agency that regulates all banks in the U.S. issued this new rule that will change everything.
If you have money in the bank…

NTGR Insider Trading (NETGEAR)

Insider Ownership Percentage: 5.40%
Insider Buying (Last 12 Months): $0.00
Insider Selling (Last 12 Months): $18,895,040.41

NETGEAR Insider Trading History Chart

NETGEAR Share Price & Price History

▲ +0.83 (2.20%)
As of 05/7/2021 01:00 AM ET
Days: 30 | 90 | 365
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NETGEAR Insider Trading History

Transaction DateInsider NameTitleBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionShares Held After TransactionDetails
5/4/2021Michael A WerdannSVPSell3,081$36.78$113,319.1834,175View SEC Filing Icon  
4/21/2021Mark G MerrillInsiderSell5,500$37.70$207,350.00
4/20/2021Heidi CormackSVPSell18,510$37.36$691,533.6035,827View SEC Filing Icon  
4/5/2021Michael F FalconInsiderSell518$42.56$22,046.0864,047View SEC Filing Icon  
4/1/2021Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell518$41.05$21,263.9064,289View SEC Filing Icon  
4/1/2021Patrick Cs LoCEOSell26,076$41.36$1,078,503.36106,147View SEC Filing Icon  
3/22/2021Michael F FalconInsiderSell782$43.60$34,095.2064,311View SEC Filing Icon  
3/19/2021Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell782$43.12$33,719.8464,553View SEC Filing Icon  
3/15/2021Mark G MerrillInsiderSell5,500$42.73$235,015.0048,794View SEC Filing Icon  
3/15/2021Michael A WerdannSVPSell1,995$43.17$86,124.1539,353View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2021Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell517$40.99$21,191.8364,288View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2021Patrick Cs LoCEOSell26,076$41.19$1,074,070.44105,388View SEC Filing Icon  
2/22/2021Michael F FalconInsiderSell781$43.81$34,215.6164,310View SEC Filing Icon  
2/19/2021Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell781$42.89$33,497.0964,552View SEC Filing Icon  
2/1/2021Patrick Cs LoCEOSell25,806$41.88$1,080,755.2895,868View SEC Filing Icon  
2/1/2021Vikram MehtaSVPSell1,881$42.23$79,434.6328,131View SEC Filing Icon  
1/27/2021David John HenrySVPSell11,718$43.00$503,874.0036,719View SEC Filing Icon  
1/27/2021Michael F FalconInsiderSell18,624$46.00$856,704.0083,015View SEC Filing Icon  
1/27/2021Murray BryanCFOSell11,781$45.00$530,145.0054,654View SEC Filing Icon  
1/27/2021Thomas H WaechterDirectorSell1,393$45.00$62,685.0026,260View SEC Filing Icon  
1/19/2021Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell781$38.57$30,123.1774,868View SEC Filing Icon  
12/31/2020Mark G MerrillInsiderSell12,431$40.91$508,552.2151,100View SEC Filing Icon  
12/28/2020Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell29,247$40.00$1,169,880.0036,056View SEC Filing Icon  
12/28/2020Murray BryanCFOSell7,173$40.01$286,991.7351,477View SEC Filing Icon  
12/28/2020Thomas H WaechterDirectorSell1,500$40.00$60,000.0027,653View SEC Filing Icon  
12/21/2020Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell1,562$38.58$60,261.9678,428View SEC Filing Icon  
12/21/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell781$38.58$30,130.9865,172View SEC Filing Icon  
12/16/2020Tamesa RogersSVPSell5,000$38.20$191,000.0036,679View SEC Filing Icon  
12/11/2020Murray BryanCFOSell5,000$36.00$180,000.0053,441View SEC Filing Icon  
12/2/2020Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell1,633$33.00$53,889.0076,866View SEC Filing Icon  
12/2/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell517$32.78$16,947.2664,908View SEC Filing Icon  
12/1/2020Patrick Cs LoCEOSell17,268$32.68$564,318.24108,603View SEC Filing Icon  
11/30/2020Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell1,500$32.30$48,450.0079,999View SEC Filing Icon  
11/24/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell782$32.00$25,024.0065,173View SEC Filing Icon  
11/5/2020Patrick Cs LoCEOSell14,978$32.68$489,481.04
11/2/2020Tamesa RogersSVPSell3,000$31.56$94,680.0044,588View SEC Filing Icon  
10/30/2020Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell1,500$32.32$48,480.0080,594View SEC Filing Icon  
10/23/2020Laura DurrDirectorSell1,500$35.43$53,145.009,521View SEC Filing Icon  
10/20/2020Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell13,451$35.00$470,785.0041,588View SEC Filing Icon  
10/20/2020Gregory J RossmanDirectorSell7,500$35.00$262,500.0035,749View SEC Filing Icon  
10/20/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell781$34.39$26,858.5965,172View SEC Filing Icon  
10/15/2020Heidi CormackSVPSell1,934$32.17$62,216.7840,101View SEC Filing Icon  
10/8/2020Michael A WerdannSVPSell8,125$33.00$268,125.00
10/5/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell1,299$32.00$41,568.0065,690View SEC Filing Icon  
10/5/2020Patrick Cs LoCEOSell5,926$32.67$193,602.42261,042View SEC Filing Icon  
10/1/2020Tamesa RogersSVPSell3,000$30.85$92,550.0046,774View SEC Filing Icon  
9/28/2020Jef GrahamDirectorSell7,898$30.00$236,940.0020,375View SEC Filing Icon  
9/2/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell517$33.76$17,453.9264,908View SEC Filing Icon  
9/1/2020Patrick Cs LoCEOSell17,259$33.07$570,755.13267,022View SEC Filing Icon  
9/1/2020Tamesa RogersSVPSell3,000$33.09$99,270.0049,588View SEC Filing Icon  
8/18/2020Michael A WerdannSVPSell2,608$33.48$87,315.8443,211View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2020Patrick Cs LoCEOSell43,823$32.67$1,431,697.41301,863View SEC Filing Icon  
8/11/2020Patrick Cs LoCEOSell18,666$32.68$610,004.88261,090View SEC Filing Icon  
8/3/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell517$32.00$16,544.0064,908View SEC Filing Icon  
8/3/2020Tamesa RogersSVPSell3,000$31.27$93,810.0046,588View SEC Filing Icon  
7/23/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell25,040$32.00$801,280.0082,218View SEC Filing Icon  
7/23/2020Patrick Cs LoCEOSell61,413$32.72$2,009,433.36269,202View SEC Filing Icon  
7/21/2020Heidi CormackSVPSell1,340$29.51$39,543.4042,035View SEC Filing Icon  
7/21/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell8,278$30.00$248,340.0074,831View SEC Filing Icon  
7/21/2020Thomas H WaechterDirectorSell2,133$30.00$63,990.0031,820View SEC Filing Icon  
7/17/2020Heidi CormackSVPSell1,460$26.38$38,514.8043,375View SEC Filing Icon  
7/17/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell5,558$28.00$155,624.0066,553View SEC Filing Icon  
7/1/2020Tamesa RogersSVPSell3,000$25.70$77,100.0051,973View SEC Filing Icon  
6/23/2020Gregory J RossmanDirectorSell3,554$25.65$91,160.1043,249View SEC Filing Icon  
6/1/2020Tamesa RogersSVPSell3,000$25.72$77,160.0055,838View SEC Filing Icon  
4/28/2020Heidi CormackSVPSell2,331$22.98$53,566.3844,835View SEC Filing Icon  
4/17/2020Michael F FalconInsiderSell8,517$26.00$221,442.0078,389View SEC Filing Icon  
4/9/2020Tamesa RogersSVPSell6,000$25.00$150,000.0036,673View SEC Filing Icon  
4/2/2020Michael A. WerdannSVPSell830$21.08$17,496.40View SEC Filing Icon  
2/4/2020Michael A WerdannSVPSell2,556$26.08$66,660.4829,353View SEC Filing Icon  
10/9/2019Heidi CormackSVPSell263$32.61$8,576.4330,619View SEC Filing Icon  
10/7/2019Heidi CormackSVPSell257$33.57$8,627.4930,619View SEC Filing Icon  
10/3/2019Patrick Cs LoCEOSell6,489$32.92$213,617.88251,825View SEC Filing Icon  
10/1/2019Patrick Cs LoCEOSell5,099$32.80$167,247.20251,825View SEC Filing Icon  
10/1/2019Tamesa RogersSVPSell1,987$32.22$64,021.1444,675View SEC Filing Icon  
9/18/2019Heidi CormackSVPSell257$32.55$8,365.3530,876View SEC Filing Icon  
9/16/2019Heidi CormackSVPSell257$34.62$8,897.3431,390View SEC Filing Icon  
9/10/2019Jef GrahamDirectorSell3,491$35.00$122,185.0012,898View SEC Filing Icon  
9/10/2019Michael A WerdannSVPSell1,489$34.90$51,966.1031,292View SEC Filing Icon  
9/10/2019Murray BryanCFOSell1,928$35.00$67,480.0031,895View SEC Filing Icon  
9/3/2019Patrick Cs LoCEOSell11,588$33.81$391,790.28256,503View SEC Filing Icon  
9/3/2019Tamesa RogersSVPSell1,986$34.22$67,960.9244,616View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2019Heidi CormackSVPSell514$32.94$16,931.1631,647View SEC Filing Icon  
8/1/2019Patrick Cs LoCEOSell11,588$33.51$388,313.88256,503View SEC Filing Icon  
8/1/2019Tamesa RogersSVPSell1,987$33.77$67,100.9944,617View SEC Filing Icon  
7/25/2019Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell34,764$33.04$1,148,602.56273,057View SEC Filing Icon  
7/25/2019Tamesa RogersSVPSell3,724$31.00$115,444.0044,865View SEC Filing Icon  
7/15/2019David John HenrySVPSell1,635$26.10$42,673.5024,651View SEC Filing Icon  
7/10/2019Michael A WerdannSVPSell2,234$26.03$58,151.0215,547View SEC Filing Icon  
6/3/2019Barbara Vaughn SchererDirectorSell1,308$25.05$32,765.4019,040View SEC Filing Icon  
5/30/2019Gregory J RossmanDirectorSell1,787$25.28$45,175.3638,826View SEC Filing Icon  
5/2/2019Michael A WerdannSVPSell1,873$30.63$57,369.9918,947View SEC Filing Icon  
4/23/2019Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell7,760$35.00$271,600.0054,136View SEC Filing Icon  
4/15/2019David John HenrySVPSell749$33.80$25,316.2028,812View SEC Filing Icon  
4/3/2019Michael A WerdannSVPSell3,427$34.41$117,923.0722,168View SEC Filing Icon  
4/1/2019David John HenrySVPSell4$33.17$132.6828,841View SEC Filing Icon  
4/1/2019Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell11,588$33.75$391,095.00196,283View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2019Patrick Cs LoCEOSell11,588$36.31$420,760.28202,942View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2019Tamesa RogersSVPSell1,986$36.00$71,496.0031,171View SEC Filing Icon  
2/19/2019Andrew Wonki KimSVPSell371$35.36$13,118.56View SEC Filing Icon  
2/4/2019Michael A WerdannSVPSell1,656$38.77$64,203.1223,047View SEC Filing Icon  
2/1/2019Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell11,588$38.90$450,773.20View SEC Filing Icon  
2/1/2019Tamesa RogersSVPSell1,987$39.45$78,387.15View SEC Filing Icon  
1/18/2019Barbara Vaughn SchererDirectorSell683$38.61$26,370.6314,450View SEC Filing Icon  
1/15/2019Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell11,588$37.26$431,768.88206,590View SEC Filing Icon  
1/15/2019Tamesa RogersSVPSell1,986$37.19$73,859.3432,145View SEC Filing Icon  
12/10/2018Michael A WerdannSVPSell3,375$52.02$175,567.5027,922View SEC Filing Icon  
12/3/2018Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell11,666$55.26$644,663.16206,612View SEC Filing Icon  
12/3/2018Tamesa RogersSVPSell2,000$54.20$108,400.0032,102View SEC Filing Icon  
11/26/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell521$53.37$27,805.7741,326View SEC Filing Icon  
11/5/2018David John HenrySVPSell3,305$56.67$187,294.3534,300View SEC Filing Icon  
11/1/2018Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell12,013$55.27$663,958.51205,279View SEC Filing Icon  
11/1/2018Tamesa RogersSVPSell2,000$55.37$110,740.0032,102View SEC Filing Icon  
10/26/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell3,500$57.65$201,775.0044,305View SEC Filing Icon  
10/24/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell520$55.95$29,094.0041,325View SEC Filing Icon  
10/22/2018Barbara Vaughn SchererDirectorSell3,000$54.73$164,190.0015,133View SEC Filing Icon  
10/12/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell521$55.50$28,915.5041,326View SEC Filing Icon  
10/1/2018Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell13,999$61.24$857,298.76207,279View SEC Filing Icon  
9/24/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell521$62.90$32,770.9041,326View SEC Filing Icon  
9/10/2018Michael A WerdannSVPSell2,250$66.20$148,950.0027,547View SEC Filing Icon  
9/4/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell521$70.65$36,808.6541,326View SEC Filing Icon  
9/4/2018Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell13,999$69.51$973,070.49207,279View SEC Filing Icon  
8/24/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell521$72.80$37,928.8041,326View SEC Filing Icon  
8/2/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell521$63.70$33,187.7041,326View SEC Filing Icon  
8/1/2018Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell13,999$64.07$896,915.93207,279View SEC Filing Icon  
7/24/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell521$66.50$34,646.5041,326View SEC Filing Icon  
7/10/2018Michael A WerdannSVPSell10,930$70.78$773,625.4034,727View SEC Filing Icon  
7/2/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell520$62.05$32,266.0040,805View SEC Filing Icon  
7/2/2018Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell13,999$63.45$888,236.55203,279View SEC Filing Icon  
6/25/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell521$64.10$33,396.1042,797View SEC Filing Icon  
6/4/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell1,042$60.80$63,353.6042,797View SEC Filing Icon  
6/1/2018Patrick Cs LoChairmanSell13,999$60.55$847,639.45View SEC Filing Icon  
5/24/2018Michael F FalconSVPSell521$60.50$31,520.5043,403View SEC Filing Icon  
See Full Table

SEC Filings (Institutional Ownership Changes) for NETGEAR (NASDAQ:NTGR)

94.37% of NETGEAR stock is owned by institutions. Institutional ownership can be a sign of analyst confidence in the fundamentals of the stock.

Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

NETGEAR Institutional Trading History

Reporting DateHedge FundShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
5/7/2021BlackRock Inc.5,227,063$214.83M0.0%+7.3%17.157%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.6,200$0.26M0.0%N/A0.020%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021BNP Paribas Arbitrage SA22,107$0.91M0.0%+42.2%0.073%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021Alberta Investment Management Corp44,200$1.82M0.0%N/A0.145%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021Swiss National Bank69,200$2.84M0.0%+2.4%0.227%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021IndexIQ Advisors LLC9,942$0.41M0.0%+8.4%0.033%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/7/2021Keybank National Association OH27,150$1.12M0.0%-20.1%0.089%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/6/2021Rhumbline Advisers101,992$4.19M0.0%+1.0%0.335%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/4/2021Victory Capital Management Inc.2,145,651$88.19M0.1%-20.9%6.976%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/3/2021The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 16,601$0.68M0.0%-7.0%0.054%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/3/2021Nkcfo LLC11,300$0.46M0.2%N/A0.037%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
5/3/2021Texas Permanent School Fund22,862$0.94M0.0%-6.0%0.074%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/30/2021Virginia Retirement Systems ET AL16,500$0.68M0.0%+5.8%0.054%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/30/2021LSV Asset Management986,892$40.56M0.1%+514.9%3.209%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/30/2021Creative Planning20,742$0.85M0.0%+16.5%0.067%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/30/2021Centaurus Financial Inc.26,594$1.09M0.1%N/A0.086%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/28/2021US Bancorp DE3,292$0.14M0.0%-9.4%0.011%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/28/2021Comerica Bank51,057$1.92M0.0%-1.5%0.166%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/27/2021First Quadrant L P CA16,399$0.67M0.1%-3.1%0.053%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/26/2021Assenagon Asset Management S.A.29,442$1.21M0.0%N/A0.096%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/23/2021Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V.41,399$1.70M0.0%+74.0%0.135%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/22/20216 Meridian5,297$0.22M0.0%-20.0%0.017%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/22/2021New York State Teachers Retirement System69,853$2.87M0.0%-6.9%0.227%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/21/2021Boston Trust Walden Corp529,849$21.78M0.2%-9.5%1.723%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/20/2021Exchange Traded Concepts LLC11,029$0.45M0.0%-26.0%0.036%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/9/2021State of Alaska Department of Revenue20,710$0.85M0.0%-12.2%0.068%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/9/2021First Hawaiian Bank10,470$0.43M0.0%N/A0.034%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
4/5/2021Pacer Advisors Inc.43,723$1.80M0.0%+225.8%0.143%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/8/2021Teachers Retirement System of The State of Kentucky9,612$0.39M0.0%+28.0%0.031%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/8/2021Dimensional Fund Advisors LP1,698,835$69.02M0.0%-3.9%5.552%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/2/2021Norges Bank366,570$14.89M0.0%N/A1.198%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/1/2021UBS Asset Management Americas Inc.32,711$1.33M0.0%-9.3%0.107%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
3/1/2021Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund3,400$0.14M0.0%N/A0.011%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/25/2021Dimensional Fund Advisors LP1,698,835$69.02M0.0%-3.9%5.552%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/24/2021Virtu Financial LLC6,208$0.25M0.0%N/A0.020%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/23/2021Principal Financial Group Inc.208,312$8.46M0.0%-2.6%0.681%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/19/2021JPMorgan Chase & Co.137,402$5.58M0.0%-4.2%0.454%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/18/2021Truist Financial Corp24,344$0.99M0.0%+14.4%0.080%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/17/2021SummerHaven Investment Management LLC17,376$0.71M0.5%N/A0.057%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/16/2021SummerHaven Investment Management LLC705,987$0.71M0.5%N/A2.331%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/16/2021Squarepoint Ops LLC18,834$0.77M0.0%+184.5%0.062%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/16/2021Morgan Stanley113,379$4.61M0.0%+11.0%0.374%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/16/2021Paloma Partners Management Co5,905$0.24M0.0%N/A0.020%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/16/2021Nuveen Asset Management LLC151,506$6.16M0.0%-64.7%0.500%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/16/2021Virginia Retirement Systems ET AL15,600$0.63M0.0%N/A0.052%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/16/2021Schroder Investment Management Group12,829$0.52M0.0%-83.6%0.042%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/16/2021Engineers Gate Manager LP9,819$0.40M0.0%-63.9%0.032%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/16/2021ExodusPoint Capital Management LP7,539$0.31M0.0%-11.3%0.025%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/16/2021Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc.314,216$12.77M0.0%+1.8%1.038%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/13/2021American International Group Inc.20,218$0.82M0.0%-1.2%0.067%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/12/2021Vantage Consulting Group Inc1,090$44K0.0%N/A0.004%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/12/2021Federated Hermes Inc.25,937$1.05M0.0%-3.0%0.086%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/12/2021Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc.6,461$0.26M0.0%N/A0.021%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/12/2021The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company17,854$0.73M0.0%+4.1%0.059%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/12/2021Credit Suisse AG56,305$2.29M0.0%+46.5%0.186%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/12/2021Alpha Paradigm Partners LLC38,430$1.56M0.5%N/A0.127%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/12/2021Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund3,400$0.14M0.0%N/A0.011%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/12/2021Kennedy Capital Management Inc.10,038$0.41M0.0%-18.9%0.033%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/12/2021Verdence Capital Advisors LLC8,838$0.36M0.1%-3.4%0.029%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/12/2021Public Sector Pension Investment Board75,027$3.05M0.0%+8.2%0.248%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/11/2021Lazard Asset Management LLC1,873$76K0.0%-39.7%0.006%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/11/2021Globeflex Capital L P25,997$1.06M0.2%-4.0%0.086%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/11/2021Fuller & Thaler Asset Management Inc.740,245$30.08M0.3%+7.0%2.445%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/11/2021Brandes Investment Partners LP925,974$37.88M1.0%+3.8%3.058%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/11/2021Northern Trust Corp750,321$30.49M0.0%-1.3%2.478%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/11/2021Barclays PLC39,442$1.60M0.0%-3.4%0.130%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/11/2021Citigroup Inc.17,843$0.73M0.0%+46.6%0.059%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/11/2021Veriti Management LLC1,450$59K0.0%N/A0.005%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/10/2021Pacific Ridge Capital Partners LLC28,050$1.14M0.3%-19.6%0.093%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/10/2021Rhumbline Advisers100,965$4.10M0.0%+6.2%0.333%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/10/2021Renaissance Technologies LLC120,900$4.91M0.0%-30.6%0.399%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/10/2021Morgan Dempsey Capital Management LLC1,672$68K0.0%N/A0.006%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/10/2021Panagora Asset Management Inc.117,733$4.78M0.0%+66.8%0.389%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/9/2021Wells Fargo & Company MN930,050$37.79M0.0%-10.6%3.071%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/9/2021Advisory Services Network LLC1,385$56K0.0%-29.0%0.005%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/9/2021Keybank National Association OH34,000$1.38M0.0%+5.1%0.112%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/9/2021Bank of New York Mellon Corp1,005,863$40.87M0.0%-0.6%3.322%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/9/2021Quantinno Capital Management LP7,325$0.30M0.2%-43.6%0.024%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/9/2021ProShare Advisors LLC7,295$0.30M0.0%N/A0.024%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/8/2021Vident Investment Advisory LLC42,416$1.72M0.1%-5.5%0.140%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/8/2021Alliancebernstein L.P.47,903$1.95M0.0%+2.3%0.158%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/8/2021NorthRock Partners LLC8,139$0.33M0.0%-24.1%0.027%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/8/2021Fox Run Management L.L.C.4,967$0.20M0.4%N/A0.016%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/8/2021State Board of Administration of Florida Retirement System15,298$0.62M0.0%-8.0%0.051%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/8/2021Sei Investments Co.43,216$1.72M0.0%N/A0.143%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/8/2021Russell Investments Group Ltd.196,997$8.01M0.0%+11.2%0.651%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/5/2021IndexIQ Advisors LLC9,170$0.37M0.0%+11.5%0.030%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/5/2021BlackRock Inc.4,870,455$197.89M0.0%+5.4%16.084%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/5/2021Navellier & Associates Inc21,612$0.88M0.2%N/A0.071%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/5/2021Swiss National Bank67,600$2.75M0.0%+0.9%0.223%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/5/2021SG Americas Securities LLC4,017$0.16M0.0%-92.1%0.013%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/5/2021US Bancorp DE3,632$0.15M0.0%-7.1%0.012%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/4/2021Texas Permanent School Fund24,315$0.99M0.0%-12.9%0.080%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/4/2021GSA Capital Partners LLP5,841$0.24M0.0%N/A0.019%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/4/2021Jackson Creek Investment Advisors LLC29,012$1.18M0.5%N/A0.096%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/2/2021California Public Employees Retirement System69,225$2.81M0.0%+3.0%0.229%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/2/2021First Trust Advisors LP14,120$0.57M0.0%N/A0.047%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/1/2021Victory Capital Management Inc.2,712,089$110.19M0.1%+17.9%8.956%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
2/1/2021Cardinal Capital Management14,285$0.58M0.1%+4.8%0.047%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
1/29/2021Creative Planning17,805$0.72M0.0%N/A0.059%Search for SEC Filing on Google Icon
Data available starting January 2016

See Full Table
NETGEAR, Inc. designs, develops, and markets networking and Internet connected products for consumers, businesses, and service providers. It operates in two segments, Connected Home, and Small and Medium Business. The company offers smart home/connected home/broadband access products, such as broadband modems, WiFi gateways, WiFi hotspots, WiFi routers and home WiFi systems, WiFi range extenders, Powerline adapters and bridges, WiFi network adapters, and digital canvasses; and value added service offerings, including technical support, parental controls, and cybersecurity protection. It also provides Ethernet switches, wireless controllers and access points, unified storage products, and Internet security appliances for small and medium-sized businesses. The company markets and sells its products through traditional retailers, online retailers, wholesale distributors, direct market resellers, value-added resellers, and broadband service providers in the Americas, Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. NETGEAR, Inc. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in San Jose, California.
Read More on NETGEAR

Today's Range

Now: $38.62

50 Day Range

MA: $39.97

52 Week Range

Now: $38.62


262,711 shs

Average Volume

400,766 shs

Market Capitalization

$1.18 billion

P/E Ratio


Dividend Yield




Who are the company insiders with the largest holdings of NETGEAR?

NETGEAR's top insider investors include:
  1. Patrick Cs Lo (CEO)
  2. Patrick Cs Lo (Chairman)
  3. Michael F Falcon (Insider)
  4. Andrew Wonki Kim (SVP)
  5. Tamesa Rogers (SVP)
  6. Murray Bryan (CFO)
  7. Mark G Merrill (Insider)
  8. Heidi Cormack (SVP)
  9. Gregory J Rossman (Director)
  10. Michael A Werdann (SVP)
  11. David John Henry (SVP)
  12. Thomas H Waechter (Director)
  13. Vikram Mehta (SVP)
  14. Jef Graham (Director)
  15. Barbara Vaughn Scherer (Director)
  16. Laura Durr (Director)
  17. Michael A Werdann (SVP)

Who are the major institutional investors of NETGEAR?

NETGEAR's top institutional investors include:
  1. BlackRock Inc. — 17.16%
  2. Victory Capital Management Inc. — 6.98%
  3. LSV Asset Management — 3.21%
  4. Boston Trust Walden Corp — 1.72%
  5. Rhumbline Advisers — 0.33%
  6. New York State Teachers Retirement System — 0.23%

Which major investors are selling NETGEAR stock?

Within the last quarter, NTGR stock was sold by these institutional investors:
  1. Victory Capital Management Inc.
  2. Boston Trust Walden Corp
  3. Keybank National Association OH
  4. New York State Teachers Retirement System
  5. Exchange Traded Concepts LLC
  6. State of Alaska Department of Revenue
  7. Texas Permanent School Fund
  8. 6 Meridian
In the previous year, company insiders that have sold NETGEAR company stock include:
  1. Patrick Cs Lo (CEO)
  2. Patrick Cs Lo (Chairman)
  3. Michael F Falcon (Insider)
  4. Andrew Wonki Kim (SVP)
  5. Tamesa Rogers (SVP)
  6. Murray Bryan (CFO)
  7. Mark G Merrill (Insider)
  8. Heidi Cormack (SVP)
  9. Gregory J Rossman (Director)
  10. Michael A Werdann (SVP)
  11. David John Henry (SVP)
  12. Thomas H Waechter (Director)
  13. Vikram Mehta (SVP)
  14. Jef Graham (Director)

Which major investors are buying NETGEAR stock?

During the last quarter, NTGR stock was bought by institutional investors including:
  1. LSV Asset Management
  2. BlackRock Inc.
  3. Alberta Investment Management Corp
  4. Pacer Advisors Inc.
  5. Assenagon Asset Management S.A.
  6. Centaurus Financial Inc.
  7. Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V.
  8. Nkcfo LLC
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