Lawrence  Page net worth and biography

Lawrence Page Biography and Net Worth

CEO of Alphabet

Lawrence “Larry” Page is the co-founder of multinational technology company, Google.

Together with Sergey Brin, Page co-founded Google in 1998 as a college research project, growing the search engine into one of the most valuable companies in history. Page and Brin maintain controlling shares of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and rank among the world’s wealthiest people. 

While pursuing his Ph.D in computer science at Stanford University, Page met Brin and they teamed up on a project to determine the importance of a research paper based on the number of citations in other papers. Realizing they could do the same for web pages, the duo invented the PageRank algorithm, named after Page. Applying the algorithm to a preliminary search engine run on a makeshift server in their dorm room, Page and Brin recognized their search engine was better than anything currently available. Google launched in 1996 and the resulting traffic caused issues on Stanford’s network. 

Page and Brin incorporated Google in 1998 with Page as CEO. They attempted to sell the search engine to Internet company, Excite, the following year for $750,000. Excite’s CEO turned the offer down leaving the pair to double down growing Google themselves. 

By 2001, the graduate school dropouts were overseeing one of the fastest growing companies in corporate history. After encouragement from investors to bring in more experienced leadership after Page attempted to fire all of Google’s project manager, Page and Brin hired Eric Schmidt to take over as CEO with Page becoming president of products.

Following Yahoo’s attempt to acquire Google for $3 billion in 2002, Page and Brin took Google public in 2004 with a valuation of $27 billion. The founders created a super-voting Class B stock that only they and a few other Google executives were granted. The structure guaranteed Page and Brin majority ownership in perpetuity, a model that numerous future tech companies copied. 

Page initiated the key acquisition of mobile computing developer, Android, for $50 million in 2005—a move Page did without informing Schmidt. Google also acquired online video platform, YouTube, for $1.6 billion in 2006. In 2008, Page and Brin hired a number of Mozilla Firefox developers to create a better web browser at the suggestion of future Google CEO, Sundar Pichai. The resulting Google Chrome became the most popular web browser in the world. 

In 2011, Page replaced Schmidt as Google’s CEO. With their newfound leadership flexibility, Page and Brin launched Google X the same year. Google’s “moonshot factory” for experimental hardware and long-term projects debuted Google Glass in 2012 in a famous release in which Brin coordinated skydivers wearing the heads-up display device to land on the roof of the building Brin was delivering the presentation in. 

By 2015, Page and Brin announced the creation of Alphabet, a move that removed the pair from day-to-day management of Google by making them CEO and president of the holding company. The founders stepped down from Alphabet’s leadership in 2019. 

Page remains a board member and majority shareholder of Alphabet. The search engine he helped create in his college dorm room handles over 3 billion queries daily giving Google a 90 percent worldwide market share.

Page holds an M.S. in computer science from Stanford University and a B.S. in engineering from the University of Michigan. 

What is Lawrence Page's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Lawrence Page is at least $3.52 billion as of April 18th, 2022. Mr. Page owns 19,527,502 shares of Alphabet stock worth more than $3,520,027,511 as of June 24th. This net worth estimate does not reflect any other investments that Mr. Page may own. Additionally, Mr. Page receives an annual salary of 1 as CEO at Alphabet. Learn More about Lawrence Page's net worth.

How old is Lawrence Page?

Mr. Page is currently 51 years old. There are 7 older executives and no younger executives at Alphabet. The oldest executive at Alphabet is Ms. Ruth M. Porat, President, Chief Investment Officer, Senior VP & CFO, who is 66 years old. Learn More on Lawrence Page's age.

What is Lawrence Page's salary?

As the CEO of Alphabet Inc., Mr. Page earns $1.00 per year. There are 5 executives that earn more than Mr. Page. The highest earning executive at Alphabet is Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO & Director, who commands a salary of $7,950,000.00 per year. Learn More on Lawrence Page's salary.

How do I contact Lawrence Page?

The corporate mailing address for Mr. Page and other Alphabet executives is 1600 AMPHITHEATRE PARKWAY, MOUNTAIN VIEW CA, 94043. Alphabet can also be reached via phone at (650) 253-0000. Learn More on Lawrence Page's contact information.

Has Lawrence Page been buying or selling shares of Alphabet?

Lawrence Page has not been actively trading shares of Alphabet in the last ninety days. Most recently, Lawrence Page sold 100 shares of the business's stock in a transaction on Monday, April 18th. The shares were sold at an average price of $2,574.16, for a transaction totalling $257,416.00. Following the completion of the sale, the director now directly owns 19,527,502 shares of the company's stock, valued at $50,266,914,548.32. Learn More on Lawrence Page's trading history.

Who are Alphabet's active insiders?

Alphabet's insider roster includes Frances Arnold (Director), Frances Arnold (Director), Aaron Boynton (CAO), Sergey Brin (Director), Sergey Brin (Insider), James Campbell (VP), L Doerr (Director), David Drummond (SVP), John Hennessy (Director), John Hennessy (Director), Ann Mather (Director), Amie O'toole (CAO), Lawrence Page (CEO), Sundar Pichai (CEO), Ruth Porat (CFO), Ruth Porat (SVP & CFO), Prabhakar Raghavan (SVP), Philipp Schindler (SVP), Kavitark Shriram (Director), John Walker (SVP), and Kent Walker (SVP). Learn More on Alphabet's active insiders.

Are insiders buying or selling shares of Alphabet?

During the last twelve months, insiders at the information services provider sold shares 65 times. They sold a total of 664,336 shares worth more than $94,333,043.90. The most recent insider tranaction occured on June, 12th when Director John L Hennessy sold 1,500 shares worth more than $266,880.00. Insiders at Alphabet own 13.0% of the company. Learn More about insider trades at Alphabet.

Information on this page was last updated on 6/12/2024.

Lawrence Page Insider Trading History at Alphabet

Transaction DateBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionShares Held After TransactionDetails
4/18/2022Sell100$2,574.16$257,416.0019,527,502View SEC Filing Icon  
3/18/2022Sell7,080$2,690.36$19,047,748.80View SEC Filing Icon  
3/16/2022Sell6,572$2,646.00$17,389,512.00View SEC Filing Icon  
2/3/2022Sell1,200$2,975.34$3,570,408.00View SEC Filing Icon  
1/20/2022Sell8,383$2,741.46$22,981,659.18View SEC Filing Icon  
1/18/2022Sell13,889$2,729.91$37,915,719.99View SEC Filing Icon  
12/8/2021Sell13,889$2,960.70$41,121,162.30View SEC Filing Icon  
11/15/2021Sell13,889$2,967.85$41,220,468.65View SEC Filing Icon  
11/12/2021Sell7,856$2,937.63$23,078,021.28View SEC Filing Icon  
10/20/2021Sell13,888$2,857.50$39,684,960.00View SEC Filing Icon  
10/18/2021Sell13,889$2,845.65$39,523,232.85View SEC Filing Icon  
9/23/2021Sell13,889$2,839.18$39,433,371.02View SEC Filing Icon  
9/21/2021Sell13,889$2,798.10$38,862,810.90View SEC Filing Icon  
8/20/2021Sell13,889$2,735.82$37,997,803.98View SEC Filing Icon  
8/18/2021Sell13,889$2,730.44$37,923,081.1613,889View SEC Filing Icon  
7/29/2021Sell13,888$2,733.78$37,966,736.6413,888View SEC Filing Icon  
7/27/2021Sell4,054$2,781.88$11,277,741.5213,889View SEC Filing Icon  
6/3/2021Sell13,889$2,343.25$32,545,399.2513,889View SEC Filing Icon  
5/12/2021Sell3,998$2,261.93$9,043,196.14800View SEC Filing Icon  
2/3/2017Sell33,340$812.80$27,098,752.0030,670View SEC Filing Icon  
2/1/2017Sell33,332$804.84$26,826,926.8830,666View SEC Filing Icon  
1/31/2017Sell33,332$806.88$26,894,924.1613,500View SEC Filing Icon  
1/30/2017Sell33,332$814.49$27,148,580.6830,666View SEC Filing Icon  
12/23/2016Sell33,340$798.21$26,612,321.4020,133,875View SEC Filing Icon  
12/22/2016Sell66,664$799.90$53,324,533.6030,666View SEC Filing Icon  
12/20/2016Sell33,332$804.92$26,829,593.4430,666View SEC Filing Icon  
12/19/2016Sell33,332$802.65$26,753,929.8030,666View SEC Filing Icon  
11/25/2016Sell33,332$771.38$25,711,638.1630,666View SEC Filing Icon  
11/21/2016Sell33,332$775.83$25,859,965.5614,000View SEC Filing Icon  
10/28/2016Sell16,670$827.79$13,799,259.30105,670View SEC Filing Icon  
10/27/2016Sell33,332$806.49$26,881,924.68105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
10/26/2016Sell33,332$811.20$27,038,918.40105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
10/25/2016Sell33,332$819.25$27,307,241.00105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
10/24/2016Sell33,332$823.31$27,442,568.9220,530,284View SEC Filing Icon  
9/23/2016Sell33,340$800.75$26,697,005.00105,670View SEC Filing Icon  
9/22/2016Sell33,332$800.62$26,686,265.84105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
9/20/2016Sell33,332$785.89$26,195,285.48105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
9/19/2016Sell33,332$783.62$26,119,621.8489,000View SEC Filing Icon  
8/19/2016Sell33,340$786.99$26,238,246.6030,670View SEC Filing Icon  
8/18/2016Sell33,332$791.67$26,387,944.4430,666View SEC Filing Icon  
8/17/2016Sell33,332$788.79$26,291,948.2830,666View SEC Filing Icon  
8/16/2016Sell33,332$789.77$26,324,613.6430,666View SEC Filing Icon  
8/15/2016Sell33,332$794.76$26,490,940.3230,666View SEC Filing Icon  
7/29/2016Sell33,340$785.88$26,201,239.2020,703,788View SEC Filing Icon  
7/28/2016Sell33,332$753.39$25,111,995.4830,666View SEC Filing Icon  
7/27/2016Sell33,332$751.51$25,049,331.3230,666View SEC Filing Icon  
7/26/2016Sell33,332$716.51$23,882,711.3230,666View SEC Filing Icon  
7/25/2016Sell33,332$748.02$24,933,002.6430,666View SEC Filing Icon  
6/24/2016Sell33,340$686.50$22,887,910.0030,670View SEC Filing Icon  
6/23/2016Sell33,332$700.97$23,364,732.0420,804,369View SEC Filing Icon  
6/22/2016Sell33,332$703.47$23,448,062.0430,666View SEC Filing Icon  
6/21/2016Sell33,332$702.43$23,413,396.7630,666View SEC Filing Icon  
6/20/2016Sell33,332$704.60$23,485,727.2030,666View SEC Filing Icon  
5/20/2016Sell33,340$716.28$23,880,775.2030,670View SEC Filing Icon  
5/19/2016Sell33,332$707.28$23,575,056.9630,666View SEC Filing Icon  
5/17/2016Sell33,332$719.67$23,988,040.4420,921,144View SEC Filing Icon  
5/16/2016Sell33,332$720.89$24,028,705.4814,000View SEC Filing Icon  
4/29/2016Sell33,340$700.31$23,348,335.4021,263,622View SEC Filing Icon  
4/28/2016Sell16,666$717.74$11,961,854.84105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
4/27/2016Sell33,332$708.94$23,630,388.08105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
4/26/2016Sell16,666$733.84$12,230,177.44105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
4/25/2016Sell33,332$730.30$24,342,359.60105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
3/28/2016Sell33,340$745.24$24,846,301.60105,670View SEC Filing Icon  
3/24/2016Sell33,332$743.65$24,787,341.80105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
3/23/2016Sell33,332$749.67$24,988,000.44105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
3/22/2016Sell33,332$751.66$25,054,331.12105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
3/21/2016Sell33,332$748.28$24,941,668.96105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
2/25/2016Sell33,332$710.33$23,676,719.5621,288,324View SEC Filing Icon  
2/24/2016Sell16,666$688.51$11,474,707.6621,303,890View SEC Filing Icon  
2/23/2016Sell33,332$710.83$23,693,385.56105,666View SEC Filing Icon  
2/22/2016Sell33,332$718.12$23,936,375.8489,000View SEC Filing Icon  
2/5/2016Sell16,670$710.24$11,839,700.8021,338,622View SEC Filing Icon  
2/4/2016Sell16,666$731.89$12,197,678.7421,355,292View SEC Filing Icon  
2/3/2016Sell14,491$756.86$10,967,658.2616,175View SEC Filing Icon  
2/2/2016Sell16,666$776.71$12,944,648.8621,388,624View SEC Filing Icon  
2/1/2016Sell33,332$759.39$25,311,987.4814,000View SEC Filing Icon  
12/28/2015Sell33,340$766.13$25,542,774.2014,000View SEC Filing Icon  
12/24/2015Sell33,332$757.93$25,263,322.7621,438,670View SEC Filing Icon  
12/23/2015Sell33,332$756.51$25,215,991.3214,000View SEC Filing Icon  
12/22/2015Sell33,332$757.61$25,252,656.5221,472,002View SEC Filing Icon  
12/21/2015Sell33,332$752.69$25,088,663.0821,488,668View SEC Filing Icon  
11/19/2015Sell33,332$749.98$24,998,333.3621,583,004View SEC Filing Icon  
11/18/2015Sell33,332$742.13$24,736,677.1675,000View SEC Filing Icon  
11/17/2015Sell33,332$739.07$24,634,681.2421,616,336View SEC Filing Icon  
11/16/2015Sell33,332$732.59$24,418,689.8875,000View SEC Filing Icon  
10/23/2015Sell16,670$731.90$12,200,773.0021,649,668View SEC Filing Icon  
10/22/2015Sell33,332$665.51$22,182,779.3275,000View SEC Filing Icon  
10/21/2015Sell33,332$663.05$22,100,782.6075,000View SEC Filing Icon  
10/20/2015Sell16,666$651.51$10,858,065.6675,000View SEC Filing Icon  
10/19/2015Sell33,332$680.10$22,669,093.2021,716,336View SEC Filing Icon  
9/25/2015Sell16,670$649.95$10,834,666.5021,733,002View SEC Filing Icon  
9/24/2015Sell33,332$633.48$21,115,155.3675,000View SEC Filing Icon  
9/23/2015Sell33,332$639.86$21,327,813.5221,766,338View SEC Filing Icon  
9/22/2015Sell33,332$636.58$21,218,484.5621,783,004View SEC Filing Icon  
9/21/2015Sell33,332$648.65$21,620,801.8075,000View SEC Filing Icon  
8/21/2015Sell16,670$627.96$10,468,093.2075,000View SEC Filing Icon  
8/20/2015Sell16,666$651.57$10,859,065.6275,000View SEC Filing Icon  
8/19/2015Sell33,332$675.91$22,529,432.12View SEC Filing Icon  
8/18/2015Sell33,332$673.55$22,450,768.60View SEC Filing Icon  
8/17/2015Sell33,332$673.08$22,435,102.56View SEC Filing Icon  
7/24/2015Sell16,670$630.44$10,509,434.80View SEC Filing Icon  
7/23/2015Sell16,666$651.77$10,862,398.82View SEC Filing Icon  
7/22/2015Sell16,666$705.13$11,751,696.58View SEC Filing Icon  
7/21/2015Sell31,442$680.24$21,388,106.08View SEC Filing Icon  
7/20/2015Sell33,332$674.62$22,486,433.84View SEC Filing Icon  
6/19/2015Sell33,340$545.28$18,179,635.20View SEC Filing Icon  
6/18/2015Sell33,332$545.72$18,189,939.04View SEC Filing Icon  
6/17/2015Sell33,332$536.95$17,897,617.40View SEC Filing Icon  
6/16/2015Sell33,332$536.12$17,869,951.84View SEC Filing Icon  
6/15/2015Sell33,332$534.09$17,802,287.88View SEC Filing Icon  
5/22/2015Sell33,340$548.69$18,293,324.60View SEC Filing Icon  
5/21/2015Sell33,332$547.15$18,237,603.80View SEC Filing Icon  
5/18/2015Sell33,332$538.21$17,939,615.72View SEC Filing Icon  
4/24/2015Sell33,340$570.04$19,005,133.60View SEC Filing Icon  
4/23/2015Sell33,332$550.44$18,347,266.08View SEC Filing Icon  
4/22/2015Sell33,332$541.85$18,060,944.20View SEC Filing Icon  
4/21/2015Sell33,332$539.83$17,993,613.56View SEC Filing Icon  
4/20/2015Sell33,332$538.00$17,932,616.00View SEC Filing Icon  
3/20/2015Sell66,672$562.19$37,482,331.68View SEC Filing Icon  
3/17/2015Sell33,332$554.59$18,485,593.88View SEC Filing Icon  
3/16/2015Sell33,332$557.26$18,574,590.32View SEC Filing Icon  
2/23/2015Sell33,340$533.60$17,790,224.00View SEC Filing Icon  
2/20/2015Sell33,332$539.69$17,988,947.08View SEC Filing Icon  
2/19/2015Sell33,332$542.92$18,096,609.44View SEC Filing Icon  
2/17/2015Sell33,332$545.20$18,172,606.40View SEC Filing Icon  
1/16/2015Sell33,340$506.06$16,872,040.40View SEC Filing Icon  
1/15/2015Sell33,332$503.29$16,775,662.28View SEC Filing Icon  
1/14/2015Sell33,332$502.20$16,739,330.40View SEC Filing Icon  
1/12/2015Sell33,332$493.03$16,433,675.96View SEC Filing Icon  
12/12/2014Sell33,340$525.17$17,509,167.80View SEC Filing Icon  
12/11/2014Sell33,332$532.38$17,745,290.16View SEC Filing Icon  
12/10/2014Sell33,332$532.74$17,757,289.68View SEC Filing Icon  
12/9/2014Sell33,332$528.26$17,607,962.32View SEC Filing Icon  
12/8/2014Sell33,332$528.84$17,627,294.88View SEC Filing Icon  
11/14/2014Sell33,340$549.13$18,307,994.20View SEC Filing Icon  
11/13/2014Sell33,332$551.70$18,389,264.40View SEC Filing Icon  
11/12/2014Sell33,332$552.88$18,428,596.16View SEC Filing Icon  
11/11/2014Sell66,664$552.67$36,843,192.88View SEC Filing Icon  
10/13/2014Sell33,332$547.35$18,244,270.20View SEC Filing Icon  
9/12/2014Sell66,672$583.27$38,887,777.44View SEC Filing Icon  
9/11/2014Sell33,332$584.86$19,494,553.52View SEC Filing Icon  
9/10/2014Sell33,332$585.84$19,527,218.88View SEC Filing Icon  
9/9/2014Sell33,332$588.35$19,610,882.20View SEC Filing Icon  
9/8/2014Sell33,332$595.14$19,837,206.48View SEC Filing Icon  
8/15/2014Sell33,340$579.47$19,319,529.80View SEC Filing Icon  
8/14/2014Sell33,332$578.87$19,294,894.84View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2014Sell33,332$576.49$19,215,564.68View SEC Filing Icon  
8/12/2014Sell33,332$567.60$18,919,243.20View SEC Filing Icon  
8/11/2014Sell33,332$572.76$19,091,236.32View SEC Filing Icon  
7/18/2014Sell33,340$595.41$19,850,969.40View SEC Filing Icon  
7/17/2014Sell33,332$579.34$19,310,560.88View SEC Filing Icon  
7/16/2014Sell33,332$589.29$19,642,214.28View SEC Filing Icon  
7/15/2014Sell33,332$586.77$19,558,217.64View SEC Filing Icon  
7/14/2014Sell33,332$586.48$19,548,551.36View SEC Filing Icon  
6/13/2014Sell33,340$553.65$18,458,691.00View SEC Filing Icon  
6/11/2014Sell66,664$559.26$37,282,508.64View SEC Filing Icon  
6/10/2014Sell66,664$564.83$37,653,827.12View SEC Filing Icon  
5/16/2014Sell66,672$523.61$34,910,125.92View SEC Filing Icon  
5/14/2014Sell33,332$532.95$17,764,289.40View SEC Filing Icon  
5/13/2014Sell33,332$537.07$17,901,617.24View SEC Filing Icon  
5/12/2014Sell33,332$530.94$17,697,292.08View SEC Filing Icon  
4/17/2014Sell41,670$541.62$22,569,305.40View SEC Filing Icon  
4/17/2014Sell41,670$541.62$22,569,305.40View SEC Filing Icon  
4/17/2014Sell41,670$541.62$22,569,305.40View SEC Filing Icon  
4/17/2014Sell41,670$541.62$22,569,305.40View SEC Filing Icon  
4/17/2014Sell41,670$541.62$22,569,305.40View SEC Filing Icon  
4/17/2014Sell41,670$541.62$22,569,305.40View SEC Filing Icon  
4/16/2014Sell41,666$552.48$23,019,631.68View SEC Filing Icon  
4/16/2014Sell41,666$552.48$23,019,631.68View SEC Filing Icon  
4/16/2014Sell41,666$552.48$23,019,631.68View SEC Filing Icon  
4/16/2014Sell41,666$552.48$23,019,631.68View SEC Filing Icon  
4/16/2014Sell41,666$552.48$23,019,631.68View SEC Filing Icon  
4/16/2014Sell41,666$552.48$23,019,631.68View SEC Filing Icon  
4/15/2014Sell20,833$541.77$11,286,694.41View SEC Filing Icon  
4/15/2014Sell20,833$541.77$11,286,694.4123,545,248View SEC Filing Icon  
4/14/2014Sell41,666$541.70$22,570,472.20View SEC Filing Icon  
4/14/2014Sell41,666$541.70$22,570,472.20View SEC Filing Icon  
4/14/2014Sell41,666$541.70$22,570,472.20View SEC Filing Icon  
3/14/2014Sell16,670$1,179.37$19,660,097.90View SEC Filing Icon  
3/13/2014Sell16,666$1,195.95$19,931,702.70View SEC Filing Icon  
3/12/2014Sell16,666$1,199.91$19,997,700.06View SEC Filing Icon  
3/11/2014Sell33,332$1,207.71$40,255,389.72View SEC Filing Icon  
2/14/2014Sell16,670$1,200.17$20,006,833.90150,000View SEC Filing Icon  
2/13/2014Sell33,332$1,189.23$39,639,414.36150,000View SEC Filing Icon  
2/11/2014Sell16,666$1,181.60$19,692,545.60150,000View SEC Filing Icon  
2/10/2014Sell16,666$1,175.37$19,588,716.42150,000View SEC Filing Icon  
1/17/2014Sell16,670$1,153.99$19,237,013.30View SEC Filing Icon  
1/16/2014Sell33,332$1,151.75$38,390,131.00View SEC Filing Icon  
1/14/2014Sell16,666$1,141.76$19,028,572.16View SEC Filing Icon  
1/13/2014Sell16,666$1,135.38$18,922,243.08View SEC Filing Icon  
12/13/2013Sell16,670$1,066.08$17,771,553.60View SEC Filing Icon  
12/12/2013Sell33,332$1,078.04$35,933,229.28View SEC Filing Icon  
12/10/2013Sell33,332$1,080.87$36,027,558.84View SEC Filing Icon  
11/15/2013Sell33,336$1,034.97$34,501,759.9285,000View SEC Filing Icon  
11/13/2013Sell16,666$1,021.58$17,025,652.2885,000View SEC Filing Icon  
11/12/2013Sell33,332$1,012.06$33,733,983.9285,000View SEC Filing Icon  
10/17/2013Sell20,835$890.31$18,549,608.85View SEC Filing Icon  
10/16/2013Sell20,833$893.61$18,616,577.13View SEC Filing Icon  
10/15/2013Sell20,833$881.14$18,356,789.6285,000View SEC Filing Icon  
10/14/2013Sell20,833$872.04$18,167,209.3285,000View SEC Filing Icon  
9/12/2013Sell20,835$893.06$18,606,905.1085,000View SEC Filing Icon  
9/11/2013Sell20,833$892.20$18,587,202.60View SEC Filing Icon  
9/10/2013Sell20,833$887.30$18,485,120.90View SEC Filing Icon  
9/9/2013Sell20,833$886.56$18,469,704.48View SEC Filing Icon  
8/15/2013Sell20,835$861.81$17,955,811.3585,000View SEC Filing Icon  
8/13/2013Sell20,833$881.73$18,369,081.0985,000View SEC Filing Icon  
8/12/2013Sell20,833$884.98$18,436,788.3485,000View SEC Filing Icon  
7/11/2013Sell20,835$915.93$19,083,401.55View SEC Filing Icon  
7/10/2013Sell41,666$904.90$37,703,563.40View SEC Filing Icon  
7/8/2013Sell20,833$903.35$18,819,490.55View SEC Filing Icon  
6/13/2013Sell20,835$871.55$18,158,744.25View SEC Filing Icon  
6/12/2013Sell20,833$875.90$18,247,624.70View SEC Filing Icon  
6/11/2013Sell41,666$884.63$36,858,993.58View SEC Filing Icon  
5/16/2013Sell20,835$908.07$18,919,638.45View SEC Filing Icon  
5/15/2013Sell20,833$906.70$18,889,281.10View SEC Filing Icon  
5/14/2013Sell41,666$882.04$36,751,078.64View SEC Filing Icon  
4/11/2013Sell41,668$787.94$32,831,883.92View SEC Filing Icon  
3/13/2013Sell20,833$824.43$17,175,350.19View SEC Filing Icon  
1/17/2013Sell20,835$714.68$14,890,357.80View SEC Filing Icon  
11/14/2012Sell27,778$656.16$18,226,812.48View SEC Filing Icon  
10/8/2012Sell20,833$757.34$15,777,664.22View SEC Filing Icon  
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Lawrence Page Buying and Selling Activity at Alphabet

This chart shows Lawrence Page's buying and selling at Alphabet by year and by quarter.

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Alphabet Company Overview

Alphabet logo
Alphabet Inc. offers various products and platforms in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Canada, and Latin America. It operates through Google Services, Google Cloud, and Other Bets segments. The Google Services segment provides products and services, including ads, Android, Chrome, devices, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Play, Search, and YouTube. It is also involved in the sale of apps and in-app purchases and digital content in the Google Play and YouTube; and devices, as well as in the provision of YouTube consumer subscription services. The Google Cloud segment offers infrastructure, cybersecurity, databases, analytics, AI, and other services; Google Workspace that include cloud-based communication and collaboration tools for enterprises, such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and Meet; and other services for enterprise customers. The Other Bets segment sells healthcare-related and internet services. The company was incorporated in 1998 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California.
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Today's Range

Now: $180.60
Low: $180.23
High: $182.08

50 Day Range

MA: $171.61
Low: $155.72
High: $180.26

2 Week Range

Now: $180.60
Low: $115.83
High: $182.51


10,743,354 shs

Average Volume

21,392,316 shs

Market Capitalization

$2.23 trillion

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