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Sundar Pichai, insider at Alphabet

Sundar Pichai Insider Information

CEO of Alphabet

Pichai Sundararajan, known as Sundar Pichai, is an Indian-American business executive and CEO of Google, as well as Google’s holding company, Alphabet. He also serves on Alphabet’s Board of Directors. 

As a boy growing up in Madurai, a city in southern India, Pichai gravitated towards technology after listening to his father describe the problems he was solving as an electrical engineer. Pichai displayed an extraordinary memory of being able to recall every number dialed during the day when the family got their first rotary phone. 

After earning a degree in metallurgical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, he received a scholarship to study at Stanford University where he graduated with an M.S. in engineering and materials science in 1995. 

Pichai remained in the U.S. working briefly for semiconductor maker, Applied Materials, and completing an M.B.A. from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where he was named a Sibel Scholar and Palmer Scholar in 2002. After a brief stint in management consulting at McKinsey & Co., he began his career at Google in 2004 as the head of project management and development. 

The future CEO was tasked with developing the Google Toolbar—the program that made the Google search engine the default option for the most popular Web browsers including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. The toolbar’s success convinced Pichai that Google should create its own browser. After persuading its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Pichai led the development of Google Chrome which launched in 2008 and has since become the most popular Web browser in the world with nearly 70 percent global market share. 

In the following years, Pichai began to take a more active public role and continued to rise within the company, leading the product development and innovation of Google products including Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, the new video format—WebM, as well as the Android operating system. Pichai also played a key role in negotiating Google’s $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest Labs in 2014. 

His success did not go unnoticed in the industry. Pichai was reportedly aggressively pursued by Twitter in 2011, and as a potential CEO for Microsoft in 2014. In 2015, following the creation of the overarching holding company, Alphabet Inc., Larry Page and Sergey Brin named Pichai CEO of Google. He became Alphabet’s CEO in 2019 after Page stepped down. 

Pichai-led Google is currently one of America’s largest conglomerates with more than 200,000 full-time and contract employees. Pichai oversees Google’s massive online advertising business—a unit that takes up nearly a third of the $130 billion U.S. digital advertising market. Alphabet serves billions of customers around the world as an Internet provider and through their YouTube video platform and hardware division. 

Pichai was named among Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2020.

What is Sundar Pichai's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Sundar Pichai is at least $13.78 million as of August 18th, 2021. Mr. Pichai owns 4,832 shares of Alphabet stock worth more than $13,784,053 as of September 27th. This net worth approximation does not reflect any other investments that Mr. Pichai may own. Learn More.

How do I contact Sundar Pichai?

The corporate mailing address for Mr. Pichai and other Alphabet executives is 1600 AMPHITHEATRE PARKWAY, MOUNTAIN VIEW CA, 94043. Alphabet can also be reached via phone at (650) 253-0000.

Has Sundar Pichai been buying or selling shares of Alphabet?

During the past quarter, Sundar Pichai has sold $49,409,670.00 in shares of Alphabet stock. Most recently, Sundar Pichai sold 3,000 shares of the business's stock in a transaction on Wednesday, September 15th. The shares were sold at an average price of $2,863.38, for a transaction totalling $8,590,140.00.

Who are Alphabet's active insiders?

Alphabet's insider roster includes Aaron Boynton (CAO), Sergey Brin (Insider), L Doerr (Director), David Drummond (SVP), John Hennessy (Director), John Hennessy (Director), Ann Mather (Director), Amie O'toole (CAO), Lawrence Page (CEO), Sundar Pichai (CEO), Prabhakar Raghavan (SVP), Philipp Schindler (SVP), John Walker (SVP), and Kent Walker (SVP).

Are insiders buying or selling shares of Alphabet?

During the last twelve months, insiders at the information services provider sold shares 61 times. They sold a total of 566,210 shares worth mmore than $563,319,756.05. The most recent insider tranaction occured on September, 21st when Lawrence Page Director bought 13,889 shares worth more than $38,862,810.90. Insiders at Alphabet own 13.0 % of the company.

Information on this page was last updated on 9/21/2021.

Sundar Pichai Insider Trading History at Alphabet

Transaction DateBuy/SellNumber of SharesAverage Share PriceTotal TransactionShares Held After TransactionDetails
9/15/2021Sell3,000$2,863.38$8,590,140.00View SEC Filing Icon  
9/1/2021Sell3,000$2,925.63$8,776,890.00View SEC Filing Icon  
8/18/2021Sell3,000$2,750.91$8,252,730.004,832View SEC Filing Icon  
8/4/2021Sell3,000$2,717.87$8,153,610.00View SEC Filing Icon  
7/21/2021Sell3,000$2,614.63$7,843,890.005,182View SEC Filing Icon  
7/7/2021Sell3,000$2,597.47$7,792,410.005,357View SEC Filing Icon  
6/16/2021Sell3,000$2,515.71$7,547,130.005,532View SEC Filing Icon  
6/2/2021Sell3,000$2,429.38$7,288,140.005,707View SEC Filing Icon  
5/19/2021Sell3,000$2,271.98$6,815,940.005,882View SEC Filing Icon  
5/5/2021Sell3,000$2,361.59$7,084,770.006,057View SEC Filing Icon  
4/21/2021Sell3,000$2,279.93$6,839,790.006,232View SEC Filing Icon  
4/7/2021Sell3,000$2,232.66$6,697,980.006,407View SEC Filing Icon  
3/17/2021Sell3,000$2,075.03$6,225,090.006,582View SEC Filing Icon  
3/3/2021Sell3,000$2,068.50$6,205,500.006,757View SEC Filing Icon  
1/16/2019Sell10,000$1,086.33$10,863,300.00491View SEC Filing Icon  
1/2/2019Sell10,000$1,023.13$10,231,300.00816View SEC Filing Icon  
12/19/2018Sell10,000$1,041.50$10,415,000.00505View SEC Filing Icon  
12/6/2018Sell10,000$1,041.75$10,417,500.00830View SEC Filing Icon  
11/21/2018Sell10,000$1,038.35$10,383,500.00519View SEC Filing Icon  
11/7/2018Sell10,000$1,073.27$10,732,700.00844View SEC Filing Icon  
10/17/2018Sell10,000$1,113.91$11,139,100.00532View SEC Filing Icon  
10/3/2018Sell10,000$1,200.04$12,000,400.00857View SEC Filing Icon  
9/19/2018Sell10,000$1,160.42$11,604,200.00546View SEC Filing Icon  
9/5/2018Sell10,000$1,192.12$11,921,200.00871View SEC Filing Icon  
8/15/2018Sell10,000$1,230.21$12,302,100.00560View SEC Filing Icon  
8/1/2018Sell10,000$1,229.07$12,290,700.00885View SEC Filing Icon  
7/18/2018Sell10,000$1,198.47$11,984,700.00574View SEC Filing Icon  
7/5/2018Sell10,000$1,113.42$11,134,200.00899View SEC Filing Icon  
6/20/2018Sell10,000$1,179.07$11,790,700.00587View SEC Filing Icon  
6/6/2018Sell10,000$1,139.18$11,391,800.00912View SEC Filing Icon  
5/16/2018Sell4,000$1,077.94$4,311,760.00601View SEC Filing Icon  
5/2/2018Sell4,000$1,028.83$4,115,320.00926View SEC Filing Icon  
4/18/2018Sell4,000$1,077.67$4,310,680.00615View SEC Filing Icon  
4/4/2018Sell4,000$993.80$3,975,200.00940View SEC Filing Icon  
3/21/2018Sell4,000$1,092.73$4,370,920.00628View SEC Filing Icon  
3/7/2018Sell4,000$1,089.48$4,357,920.00953View SEC Filing Icon  
2/21/2018Sell4,000$1,106.68$4,426,720.00642View SEC Filing Icon  
2/9/2018Sell4,000$1,018.01$4,072,040.00967View SEC Filing Icon  
1/17/2018Sell4,000$1,127.17$4,508,680.00656View SEC Filing Icon  
1/3/2018Sell4,000$1,065.21$4,260,840.001,031View SEC Filing Icon  
12/20/2017Sell4,000$1,072.64$4,290,560.00803View SEC Filing Icon  
12/6/2017Sell4,000$1,002.86$4,011,440.001,178View SEC Filing Icon  
11/15/2017Sell4,000$1,020.69$4,082,760.00949View SEC Filing Icon  
11/1/2017Sell4,000$1,018.97$4,075,880.001,699View SEC Filing Icon  
10/18/2017Sell4,000$993.58$3,974,320.001,471View SEC Filing Icon  
10/4/2017Sell4,000$958.40$3,833,600.00View SEC Filing Icon  
9/20/2017Sell4,000$924.36$3,697,440.001,324View SEC Filing Icon  
9/6/2017Sell4,000$931.44$3,725,760.001,618View SEC Filing Icon  
8/16/2017Sell4,000$926.79$3,707,160.001,389View SEC Filing Icon  
8/2/2017Sell4,000$930.46$3,721,840.001,764View SEC Filing Icon  
7/19/2017Sell4,000$969.92$3,879,680.001,536View SEC Filing Icon  
7/5/2017Sell4,000$903.86$3,615,440.001,911View SEC Filing Icon  
6/21/2017Sell4,000$955.25$3,821,000.001,683View SEC Filing Icon  
6/7/2017Sell4,000$981.45$3,925,800.002,058View SEC Filing Icon  
5/17/2017Sell4,000$937.92$3,751,680.001,830View SEC Filing Icon  
5/3/2017Sell4,000$915.16$3,660,640.002,205View SEC Filing Icon  
4/19/2017Sell4,000$841.50$3,366,000.001,976View SEC Filing Icon  
4/5/2017Sell4,000$837.31$3,349,240.002,351View SEC Filing Icon  
3/15/2017Sell4,000$849.50$3,398,000.002,123View SEC Filing Icon  
3/1/2017Sell4,000$830.96$3,323,840.002,873View SEC Filing Icon  
2/22/2017Sell4,000$830.47$3,321,880.002,270View SEC Filing Icon  
2/8/2017Sell4,000$809.21$3,236,840.002,645View SEC Filing Icon  
1/18/2017Sell4,000$808.06$3,232,240.002,416View SEC Filing Icon  
1/4/2017Sell4,000$790.38$3,161,520.002,791View SEC Filing Icon  
12/21/2016Sell4,000$797.70$3,190,800.002,563View SEC Filing Icon  
12/7/2016Sell4,000$762.78$3,051,120.002,938View SEC Filing Icon  
11/16/2016Sell4,000$756.63$3,026,520.0042,779View SEC Filing Icon  
11/2/2016Sell4,000$780.38$3,121,520.003,085View SEC Filing Icon  
10/19/2016Sell4,000$801.27$3,205,080.002,856View SEC Filing Icon  
10/5/2016Sell4,000$781.81$3,127,240.003,231View SEC Filing Icon  
9/21/2016Sell4,000$775.34$3,101,360.003,003View SEC Filing Icon  
9/7/2016Sell4,000$782.62$3,130,480.003,378View SEC Filing Icon  
8/3/2016Sell4,000$769.93$3,079,720.0046,267View SEC Filing Icon  
7/20/2016Sell4,000$739.21$2,956,840.003,297View SEC Filing Icon  
7/6/2016Sell4,000$690.94$2,763,760.003,672View SEC Filing Icon  
6/15/2016Sell4,000$720.49$2,881,960.003,443View SEC Filing Icon  
6/1/2016Sell4,000$735.84$2,943,360.003,818View SEC Filing Icon  
5/18/2016Sell4,000$705.06$2,820,240.003,590View SEC Filing Icon  
4/20/2016Sell4,000$759.90$3,039,600.003,737View SEC Filing Icon  
4/6/2016Sell4,000$738.07$2,952,280.004,112View SEC Filing Icon  
3/16/2016Sell4,000$728.50$2,914,000.003,883View SEC Filing Icon  
3/2/2016Sell4,000$721.24$2,884,960.004,258View SEC Filing Icon  
2/17/2016Sell4,000$700.83$2,803,320.0099,610View SEC Filing Icon  
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Sundar Pichai Buying and Selling Activity at Alphabet

This chart shows Sundar Pichai's buying and selling at Alphabet by year and by quarter.

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Alphabet Company Overview

Alphabet logo
Alphabet, Inc. is a holding company, which engages in the business of acquisition and operation of different companies. It operates through the Google and Other Bets segments. The Google segment includes its main Internet products such as ads, Android, Chrome, hardware, Google Cloud, Google Maps, Google Play, Search, and YouTube. The Other Bets segment consists of businesses such as Access, Calico, CapitalG, GV, Verily, Waymo, and X. The company was founded by Lawrence E. Page and Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin on October 2, 2015 and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.
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Today's Range

Now: $2,852.66
Low: $2,817.01
High: $2,858.07

50 Day Range

MA: $2,797.02
Low: $2,585.08
High: $2,916.84

2 Week Range

Now: $2,852.66
Low: $1,413.34
High: $2,936.41


747,400 shs

Average Volume

1,312,541 shs

Market Capitalization

$1.90 trillion

P/E Ratio


Dividend Yield



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